Con Mech invests in two new press machines

May has been a busy month for the Con Mech Engineering team with two new arrivals on the shop floor. Always looking to improve service, quality and turnaround Con Mech has invested in two new Press machines a 400 tonne Ursviken vertical press and a 300 tonne Kingsland vertical press.
The 400 tonne press has been installed in line with improvements for our hot cupped end bit processing line. The process allows a seamless transition of 900°c+ end bits to be hot formed straight out of the furnace prior to quenching with the whole process taking under 60 seconds.

Initial trials have been completed and currently a range of tooling is being made to extend the product range.

Con Mech Engineers are one of only a handful of companies worldwide with capability to produce these end bits and the installation of this press allows Con Mech to produce larger scale components suitable for Caterpillar D10’s and other larger machine components in a much more efficient manner.
The Kingsland 300 tonne press has been brought in to support the GET straightening operation, in an effort to reduce manufacturing time and extend the range of lengths and thicknesses we can currently handle.

Overall the commissioning of the two presses represent a significant investment for Con Mech and allow us to maintain the high level of quality and service our customers have come to expect.

Con Mech Engineers are a world renowned manufacturer of construction machinery parts, specialising in wear parts including edges, blades and end bits for excavators, bull dozers, loaders and graders. The Blademaster and Blademaster Extreme are trusted brand name products with a tried and tested reputation for high quality and long lasting durability.

If you have any queries regarding the range of parts made by Con Mech or would be interested in getting a quotation please do not hesitate to get in touch 

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