Cormac Engineering appointed exclusive agent for CAMS Asphalt Recycling Systems in the UK & Ireland

Cormac Engineering, an industry heavyweight and renowned company known for its exceptional engineering expertise and supply of Frumecar & Marini products, is delighted to announce its latest milestone as the exclusive agent for CAMS Aggregate Recycling Systems in the UK & Ireland.

With a reputation built over years of providing cutting-edge solutions, Cormac Engineering's partnership with CAMs represents a strategic move to expand its product portfolio and strengthen its presence in the recycling and waste management industry. CAMs, an esteemed manufacturer specializing in crushing, shredding, and screening plants, distinguishes itself by handling all phases of the production process, from executive design to machine development and construction. The meticulous monitoring of each production step ensures the highest quality of materials and manufacturing processes.

This exclusive partnership will grant customers in the UK & Ireland access to CAMS innovative and high-performance granulators, enabling them to revolutionise their recycling and waste management practices. By incorporating CAMS machinery into their solutions, Cormac Engineering reaffirms its commitment to delivering environmentally sustainable and efficient solutions to its customers.

CAMS Recycling is known for pushing the boundaries of innovation in the recycling industry and providing technologies that meet and exceed industry standards. Their extensive range of crushing, shredding, and screening plants caters to various industries, including construction, demolition, mining, and more.

"We are thrilled to be appointed as the exclusive agent for CAMS Asphalt Recycling Systems in the UK & Ireland," said Managing Director of Cormac Engineering, Steve Corbett. "This partnership solidifies our position as a leading provider of advanced engineering solutions, as well as showcasing the natural progression, and we look forward to working with CAMS and introducing their exceptional products to our valued customers. Together, we aim to drive sustainable growth and foster a greener future for the recycling sector."

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