Donasonic supporting recycling developments

As the world bounces back from the global pandemic, economie are hit hard in every sector. Donasonic are working as usual while following social distancing. As the world economy starts to move we are here to support recycling developments - volume reduction, fuel preparation and advanced sorting techniques, high power shredders for difficult materials - Donasonic are here to provide your solution.. 

Serbia releases lockdown
The serbian e-waste project restarts after country wide lock-down, new completion dates will be arranged to the customers schedule.
The project sets out for Biz Reciklaza, a leading recycling company in the region, to process end-of-life white goods and household appliances, separating polluting elements and making use of the reclaimed materials. At the heart of this preocess is the Donasonic chain crusher - the CROSSFLOW X165. This high speed impact crusher quickly dismantles difficult products, and allows for efficient separation. With market demand high and prices healthy for materials such as copper and PVC, the system will help our customers create profit and reduce landfill in an efficient way

Caiman SRF process
The Carbon Trust development project is taking shape, though with inevitable delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schedule adjustments have been made to account for delays as all industry sectors must adjust their plans.

The Caiman Shredder is designed to be a long-life asset to your company, designed with easy service in mind, low maintenance cost and high throughput, the Caiman will provide rewards following these testing times.

Designed from the ground-up, the machine will be capable of high throughput continuous operation in the secondary fuel sector.

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