Doppstadt at bauma 2016

Unique: The New Mobile Wind Sifter „Taifun“ produces up to four Fractions at once.

Mobile machine construction meets stationary wind sifting – with the new wind sifter Taifun, the full-line supplier Doppstadt combines two state-of-the art recycling solutions. The tracked vehicle is equipped with a heavy-duty crawler track chassis, which can move it to almost all places of operation. As soon as it is installed, the wind sifter is convincing due to its extremely high separating performance: the Taifun separates the input material into up to four fractions, for example compost is divided into wood, grass, herb and soil. At the 31st world-leading construction machinery trade show, the bauma 2016 in Munich from 11 to 17 April 2016, the solution provider Doppstadt will showcase the wind sifter WS 2000 K and inform about its expertise in the shredding, splitting, separat-ing and washing of recyclables.

Precise Separation with Minimal Dust Emission
By means of an accelerator belt, the bulk material is transported to the discharge edge, where a blow-ing nozzle system generates an upward air flow and separates accurately the light from the heavy ma-terials with minimal dust emission. In combination with an ultra-light aspiration and an overband mag-net the separated fractions are discharged: depending on the model, in two to four fractions. The wind sifter WS 2000 K - Taifun is not only mobile, but even highly flexible: It can change its position horizontally and vertically, the inclination of the feeding conveyor to the separation drum can perfectly be adjusted to the material mixture to be separated. Under each discharge conveyor, a container can be positioned without any problem.

To suit your Needs, Stationary, Semi-Mobile and Track-Mounted Models are Available
Besides the track-mounted Taifun, the wind sifter series includes a stationary and a semi-mobile mod-el. All of them can be combined with all of the Doppstadt screening systems thus forming a powerful state-of-the-art processing unit. Construction debris, C & D waste, industrial waste, glass, wood and compost are suitable input materials for the machine combination.

Product Manager Alexander Erdmann: „Through the development of the WS 2000 K – Taifun wind sifter Doppstadt succeeded in creating a top-of-the-range innovation: It is the only mobile wind sifter worldwide with a 2 m large working surface, which can separate the input material into four fractions. The range of applications is enormous: Innumerous different material flows can be separated into four different fractions without impurities effecting a high performance. Doppstadt thinks in terms of solu-tions and develops custom-fit products“.

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