DP Cold Planing Venture down new Roads in the recycling Market

DP Cold Planing Ltd is a family run road planing company that has maintained steady growth from 1985 to the present day. Situated in North Manchester they have depots in Lockerbie, Penrith and Warrington and are now one of the largest road planing companies in the UK. With an extensive fleet of machines, they are perfectly equipped to provide a professional service tailored to meet their clients’ requirements.

The company pride themselves on selecting the best machines to provide efficient performance to the highest standards with environmental friendly attributes. With this at the foremost of the company’s thinking, they ventured into the Mobile Crushing and Screening market to further process the material generated from their road planings.

Recycled Road Planings is a growing market in the UK. The aggregate produced by a cold milling machine which is used to remove the surface layer of a tarmac area, such as a road or footpath, is known as planings. This material is not suitable as a backfill for drainage trenches due to the high fines content and care must be taken when recycling them as older tarmac surfaces, which have been deep planed, may contain tars. The use of Road Planings is generally considered environmentally friendly as Bitumen is a natural substance. Using them also reduces pressure on quarried aggregate stocks. DP Cold Planing wanted to take their Road Planing to the next level.

DP Cold Planings MD Anthony Prescott takes up the story: “We operate a fleet of Road Planers nationwide and we wanted to further process some of the material we generate. Our primary focus was on implementing a process where we could guarantee the quality, consistency and productions as to supply our customers an uncontaminated product. With this in mind it was important to make sure we selected the right equipment to produce and supply a high quality product to our customers. We looked at various machines in the market and discussed our requirements with some suppliers but it was Taylor and Braithwaite who impressed us. Right from the beginning Jaime McGlinn (Crushing & Screening Sales Manager) has been working closely with us, advising us on how best to set up our process. After several meetings and discussions about other requirements we may have in the future, he suggested that having a separate Crusher and Screen working in a closed loop system would better guarantee the end product. It would give us greater production and also a flexibility to operate the machines independently when we needed to. A demonstration was setup at our site in Penrith to test the system. It was a very impressive demo and showcased the capabilities of the Maximus 522T Triple deck and the Rubble Master RM90GO!. The two machine setup performed exactly how we required it to and the fuel efficiency really stood out so the decision was simple really! We have been operating for nearly a year without issue and have been very Impressed with the all round service from Taylor and Braithwaite. With their excellent backup service, they are always on hand to support us when we need them.”

Taylor & Braithwaite, based in Appleby in Cumbria, are dealers for Hyundai, Rubble Master Maximus & Pronar equipment in the North of England and Scotland.  They have been continuously earning a very strong reputation in the UK market in the supply and servicing of Mobile Crushing & Screening equipment. Over the last 3 years they have seen a steady growth in sales of Maximus machines and in August 2017 they were appointed the dealer for Rubble Master for the North of England and Scotland. Their success in this ultra competitive crushing market coincides with the announcement earlier this year that Rubble Master had acquired a majority share in the Irish Screening manufacturer, Maximus. With both these brands now under one roof, so to speak, it has made business very straight forward for Taylor and Braithwaite from a supply point of view but importantly communication and strategy are unified.

Ian Burton, Director of Taylor & Braithwaite, states “The customers have definitely benefited by the move by RM to acquire Maximus. The structure and innovations which RM have applied to the Maximus portfolio will ensure continued growth and expansion which for us a company and for our customers is all positive.”

This certainly proved the case for DP Cold Planing as they have been seeing the proof firsthand over the last 9 months. Jaime McGlinn, Sales Manager for Crushing & Screening at Taylor & Braithwaite comments; “We had a number of meetings to confirm exactly what DP Cold Planing required in terms of flexibility of operation and after some very open discussions, we decided to demonstrate the RM90GO! and the Maximus 522T together. I was confident they would guarantee the quality they required. Both machines are leaders in their respective fields so putting them together is always a winning combination. We  already had RM90G0’s working on Planing applications and C&D waste so we knew they would be the perfect choice. Another important point that came from our discussions with DP Cold Planing was the importance to them of the environmental aspects and as Rubble Master are also a very environmentally friendly thinking company, we were confident we had the best machines for their job.”

The Maximus choice
Maximus Crushing & Screening Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high performance, high quality Crushing equipment & Screening equipment for a wide range of applications. Maximus Crushing & Screening has a portfolio that encompasses a variety of products essential for maximum productivity. The Maximus 522T Triple deck is among the leaders in its class. With the largest (single screen box) in the market, measuring 22ft x 5ft, it’s a serious performer. The machine is built on an I beam philosophy which underlies  all Maximus Screens making them very robust. The Maximus Screens are finished to the highest of standards. The 522T is offered in the UK market with a choice of power packs: the Cummings Tier 4 final with AdBlue or the Cat 3b option as standard. DP Cold Planings’ choice of a Cat Tier 4 Final with AdBlue in the Maximus proves they remain true to their Enviro friendly principles.

The Rubble Master choice
RM crushers are the cost-effective, powerful solution for aggregate processing, offering multiple applications and excellent value retention. “No compromises” is the motto of the RM 90GO! Powerful, versatile and profitable, it transforms all mineral materials into high-quality cubic aggregate. It has an 860 x 650mm inlet, weighing 23.6 tons and boasting a very efficient diesel consumption. It has the ability to process up to 200 tonnes of material per hour. The machine is offered with a John Deere 6 Cylinder constant speed power pack running at 1800 RPM and operates a diesel over electric drive system making it very fuel efficient but also environmentally friendly. With all these features there’s no doubt that it’s the standout performer in the Compact Impactor Market worldwide.

Dave Cross from DP Cold Planing finished off by saying, “We carry out projects throughout the UK and emission levels are at the forefront of some of our clients’ thinking. We believed that the Rubble Master Diesel over Electric drive system and the Maximus fitted with Cat Tier 4 Final with Adblue, the 1st of its kind in the UK, would put us in a strong position to carry out our work efficiently, reliably and in a way that we respect and protect the environment.”


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