Easy to maintain

Low total cost of ownership, extended service intervals, easy maintenance: complexity becomes simplicity with KSD...

July 2022 – Out today is the third chapter in the KSD saga, Kohler Small Displacement, on the platform dedicated to videos about Kohler’s new in-house engine. Following the November release introducing the new diesel engine, and the March release announcing it had won the Diesel of the Year award, the first video is now released that goes into detail about the technical specifications of this innovative engine.

The KSD range has been presented as the result of a totally market and customer-oriented approach, allowing you not only to enjoy the performance of such an advanced engine, but above all to be able to take advantage of what it offers throughout its lifetime and in the easiest and most economical way possible. The KSD is not only simple, advanced, and versatile: it is much more.

The first key success factor in our value proposition is a low total cost of ownership, achieved through optimized fuel consumption which save on fuel. In fact, compared with the average fuel consumption of its competitors, the KSD offers savings of 6 to 8 percent. The KSD’s electronic management system enables precise fuel metering, reducing oil and fuel requirements, thus preventing oil dilution and heavy soot contamination.

Also contributing to such a low total cost of ownership are the maintenance intervals, which in the KSD are extended to the maximum and allow the end customer to be able to save on spare parts and exploit the engine for as long as possible, without having to perform maintenance that would add to the total cost of ownership. Thus, the KSD is designed with a standard technology that sees the maximum lifetime of each of the components implemented and extended.

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