EDGE Innovate host US Distributor & Customer Open Day in Atlanta, Georgia…

On Friday 26th January, EDGE Innovate hosted a distributor and customer open day at the DeKalb County Landfill, Georgia, following a successful exhibition at the USCC 2018. The open day attracted many end-user customers from the organic recycling industry and distribution partners of EDGE from across the United States of America to experience product presentations, machine walk-arounds and live on-site demonstrations of products from the ever-popular EDGE Organic Recycling Range.

Four machines from the EDGE Organic Recycling Range demonstrated at the EDGE Distributor and Customer Open Day with a fifth machine on display. The machine demonstration consisted of EDGE’s TRM516 Mobile Trommel, their TRT622 Tracked Trommel, the FTS Mulch Master and their popular MC1400 Material Classifier. On display was the recently launched TRT516 Track Trommel.

TRM516 Mobile Trommel
Designed for mid to large scale operations that may be constrained for space, the robust TRM516 Trommel has proven capabilities in the recycling, composting and C&D industries. Design features such as the 4.9m (16’) long barrel, variable speed control and a feed conveyor with intelligent load sensing controls allow the EDGE TRM516 to produce top-quality fine materials such as compost, gravel, sand and topsoil with ease.

TRT622 Track Trommel
The EDGE TRT622 Tracked Trommel has been designed for maximum productivity and superior screening efficiency. Enhanced screening results are achieved by material spending a greater amount of time in the 6.9m (22′) long drum combined with the optional high-throw aggressive screening action to produce top-quality fine materials such as compost, gravel, sand and topsoil with ease.

MC1400 Track Material Classifier
The MC1400 Material Classifier provides operators with the ability to extract impurities from highly contaminated material in just one pass. Utilising controlled air flow as a separation medium, the MC1400 is the ideal solution for the cleaning of compost and biomass fractions with its ability to separate heavy fractions from lights.

FTS Mulch Master
Designed specifically for the stockpiling of lower density, bulky materials such as compost and soils, the EDGE FTS Mulch Master combines traditional flipping and rotation with constant material flow to overcome traditional challenges such as compaction, contamination, material bridging and risk of combustion.

Commenting on the event, Lee Williamson, EDGE North America Sales Manager commented: “Our Open Day has been a great opportunity to showcase and demonstrate our Organic Recycling Range to the US market to both our distributors and end-users.”

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