Edge Innovate to showcase their new VS420 slow shredder at Lets Recycle Live

EDGE Innovate are set to demonstrate their next generation waste shredder, the VS420 at the upcoming Lets Recycle Live 2021 event. Revealed in March 2020 at Con Expo, Las Vegas; the VS420 design has benefited from EDGE’s decades of knowledge in the design, manufacturing and installation of mobile waste shredders. It is of no surprise that EDGE Innovate’s VS420 twin shaft shredder has quickly gained a reputation as a world class shredder. With its high capacity, reliability and low running costs, the EDGE VS420 is proving to be an excellent shredding alternative to what is currently on the market.


The VS420 offers a host of design features as standard. For instance, the combination of EDGE’s Intelligent Load Management and the VS Status Alert System. These two systems work in tandem to ensure the efficient loading of the shredder. This in turn, allows the operator to achieve consistently high throughputs and most importantly, experience minimal downtime.

The EDGE VS420 also includes a ‘track and shred’ functionality which is another unique feature available as standard on all VS420 units. It enables the VS420 to be repositioned via remote whilst continuing to shred material.

Other notable features found on the VS420 include hydraulic hopper extensions with integrated locking mechanisms. The simple configurable nature of the extensions allows for flexible loading whilst creating a much larger target area for loaders. This results in reduced material spillage and improved operational safety. This is supported by a large capacity tipping hopper with remote functionality. This feature is particularly beneficial for the feeding of elongated feed stocks. 

A hydraulic height adjustable powerful twin pole magnet fitted to the discharge conveyor ensures a high rate of ferrous metal recovery from the waste stream.


The high material throughputs achieved by the VS420 is made possible thanks to a set of 2m long, high torque shredder shafts that can be customised to suit a customer’s exact application and to create a designated final product piece size.  EDGE Innovate offers a wide range of tooling options and chamber configurations to ensure that the VS420 is set up to achieve the best results for its operators. With decades of experience, the EDGE team are in the perfect position to advise on the best set up for their clients so that their unit creates the right tonnage at the desired piece size.

EDGE’s twin shaft design provides exceptional material intake, ensures less wear, promotes self-cleaning and prevents material wrapping even in the toughest of applications. EDGE Innovate claim that their chamber design is proven to provide high percentage up time and does away with the need of cleaning material wrappage which can be an issue evident with many single shaft shredder units.

The EDGE VS420 is controlled via the latest EDGE Operating System (EOS) which EDGE says provides improved user-friendly controls and allows the operators greater control over program settings, shaft speed and reverse cycles. For example, the VS420 operating system provides 5 factory pre-set shredder programs for demolition wood, general waste, green waste, mattresses, and compost so that operators can jump quickly from one application to another and still achieve favourable outputs. There are 3 additional program settings that can be tailored by the operator to suit their specific input materials.


EDGE Innovate states that the VS420 design has been built around the operator to ensure enhanced operational and maintenance safety. For example, EDGE’s uplifting power unit, radiator and chamber doors ensure superior maintenance access which is complimented by a “One Point” service area which enables daily maintenance checks to be completed much more efficiently. Operators can access fuel and adblue tanks, air filters and oil gauge; all from a single vantage point.

The EDGE VS420 also offers added remote functionality as standard. All major functions on the VS420 including tracking, tipping hopper, shafts speed, engine speed, shaft reverse cycle, discharge conveyor working angle and magnet position can be remotely operated from a safe distance of up to 100m or in the comfort of the loaders cabin.

EDGE Innovate’s next generation shredder has been proven to achieve high-capacity throughputs, operational reliability, and offers low operational costs.  

EDGE Innovate will be demonstrating the abilities of the VS420 at the Letsrecycle Live demo area, with experienced staff on hand at stand LD6 to discuss your shredding and processing requirements.

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