Eriez Europe, drumming up profit for the scrap industry

The scrap metal industry has long been a key sub-sector of the UK economy, further emphasised after such a tumultuous year for heavy industries. Eriez Magnetics Europe recognises the environmental and commercial importance of the metals recycling industry and provides custom solutions to achieve optimum separation of valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals, whether scrap processors are looking to achieve maximum grade or maximum recovery.

In March 2020, the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation urged the EU and member states to acknowledge the ‘essential role of the waste management and recycling industry’. This appeal served to remind governments of the financial, environmental and social impact that would follow if the recycling and scrap industry were brought to a halt as part of the fallout from COVID-19.

For scrap processors who handle high volumes and cumbersome material daily, it is vital that the appropriate equipment is selected for arduous applications. The Eriez Scrap Drum is hardwearing and adapted for such testing conditions due to its manganese shell, which can take the impact of potentially damaging product. Additionally, each process line must also consider its aims, for example a recent customer required the highest possible purity of steel (Fe), so Eriez selected a bottom fed configuration drum. The grade of the steel recovered was then able to command the best price and produced choice material for reprocessing.

The value of secondary raw materials (SRM) that are produced during the scrap metal recycling process cannot be underestimated, commodities to both processors and downstream industries. All eco- and profit-conscious scrap plants will incorporate both magnetic and non-ferrous separators, for high levels of separation of all metals. The Eriez Eddy Current Separator (ECS) significantly increases the collection of non-ferrous metals like aluminium and copper and the Eriez Magnetic Drum extracts iron and steel, working in unison to create an optimum scrap process line.

To find a suitable scrap solution, customers can send Eriez Europe samples for testing to determine what grade or recovery could be achieved by Eriez equipment, or alternatively organise an experienced engineer site visit to discuss optimising current processes. Call +44 (0)29 2086 8501 or email for more information.

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