Every now and again a NEW manufacturing process comes along, and the possibilities are endless

Exote is NEW.

A revolutionary new and exciting material for extreme wear areas of your plant. With ultra wear capabilities that exceed existing materials in the market...

This new material will allow plants to extend the life of critical components and increase periods between planned maintenance.

Opening the doors for new ideas and new possibilities

  • Processed using 100% UK sourced materials
  • All materials are non-carcinogenic and based on current industry standards
  • Equivalent to K10 grade tungsten carbide and a 1/4 of the weight

This is a very light and incredibly durable material, suitable as a replacement for tungsten,
in a variety of high wear applications.

  • 30x life of strengthened steel
  • 10x life of plasma weld plate
  • 5x life of aluminium oxide
  • Non-biodegradable, making it very useful in highly corrosive wear areas or tooling

The unique manufacturing process of Exote opens the door to the creation of a material specific to your working environment, surroundings, and specific needs.

Contact us today to discuss how this exciting new material can assist you in improving the lifetime of your critical assets.

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