Exhibits in a class of their own for various applications in the raw materials industry

In a well-designed layout Sandvik Mining and Construction Central Europe GmbH demonstrated its expertise as a supplier to the aggregates and construction industries at the 10th steinexpo.
Different exhibits presented in specially defined areas of the 1,400 m² Sandvik exhibition area will home in on the specific interests of visitors. Product innovations from the manufacturer's broad range of products in the drilling, mobile and stationary crushing and screening technology segments as well as wear protection and screening media underline the performance and the practical understanding of this global player. 

The steinexpo demonstration exhibition is well-known for recreating a real-life working environment. This unique show held at the Mitteldeutsche Hartstein Industrie’s quarry in Nieder-Ofleiden, Hessen, draws in more visitors each year to experience exhibits in a working environment. Sandvik is preparing its presentation to implement this objective. Top-class technology and expert advice by specialists from the respective product divisions will join forces at the trade fair.

Take a bigger piece of the pie – new Ranger DXi
As an absolute world first, a brand-new member of the Sandvik Ranger series will be unveiled when the steinexpo opens its doors. This prelaunch is a very special event as the equipment will only be presented and demonstrated to dealers and customers in Finland for the first time seven days after the steinexpo. In the run-up to this exclusive preview, a mantle of secrecy has been pulled over the type designation. Nevertheless, it has become known that the operating radius of the machine covers a range of 290 degrees, thus bringing a significant advantage in the production process by giving more drilling time without moving the rig from hole to hole.
The developers are also particularly proud of the newly designed and comfortable cabin of this technically advanced, intelligent drill rig equipped with industry 4.0 docking points. The wide range of other new technical features of the new Ranger will be presented to interested parties at steinexpo.

The flagship and the global innovation
The Pantera DP1500i drill rig is undoubtedly the flagship of the Sandvik drill rig series in Germany. After having been a familiar "fixture" in numerous German quarries for decades, the machine, which was previously developed in Germany, has been gradually improved and adapted to meet modern user requirements. This is with particular focus on economical consumption of wear parts and fuel made possible by state-of-the-art motorisation and hydraulic design. No doubt about it, the current Pantera DP1500i drill rig has earned its right to a lot of visitor attention for good reason. It will, however, not be an easy task for this proven quarry warrior in the face of brand new competition.

New secondary crusher with excellent quality features
The latest representative of the CH/S 500 series from Sandvik is the CS550 cone crusher. It was designed as a powerful secondary crusher for applications in the capacity range of 250 to 750 t/h. Apart from its flexibility and concentrated crushing power, this model provides maximum operational productivity and availability thanks to its modern automation functions and its user-friendly maintenance design due to the complete absence of casting compound during installation of the crushing tools.

In addition, ergonomic improvements contribute to the even safer and more time-saving maintenance and servicing of the plant. The Sandvik CH550 is the latest cone crusher addition to the Sandvik CS550 and Sandvik CH540 in the 500 crusher series. This reliable high-performance machine for secondary crushing stages has been specially designed for applications in the aggregates industry. The Sandvik CS550 takes the lead with outstanding feed characteristics and achieves a 25% higher crushing ratio with excellent quality of the final products in this crushing stage. The remarkable crushing ratio with high throughput rate and excellent grain quality is due to the novel crushing chamber geometry developed in house.

This way the CS550 sustainably relieves the load on the tertiary stage. As a result, the material cycle load of the process stage can be reduced by up to 50%. The Sandvik CS550 offers a wide range of achievable gap widths and adjustable crushing strokes to allow a large feed opening, adapted to the primary stage jaw crusher. This extreme flexibility makes the Sandvik CS550 ideal for various requirements.

The modern crusher controller developed in house by Sandvik, which was recently introduced as the standard for Sandvik 500 series crushers, optimises operation, adapts the crusher to different operating conditions and also allows remote monitoring. Protection against overload is guaranteed by the so-called hydroset system. It automatically regulates the position of the main shaft and allows non-breakable material to pass as needed.

Wear protection and screen media: As precise as steel and as durable as rubber
The newly developed Sandvik screen media perfectly combines the advantages of different screen media, which are represented by the brand new product, Sandvik WX6500, and will be presented to the professional public for the first time. It combines the screening accuracy of a wire mesh for split cuts of 2 to 32 mm particle size with all the advantages of a rubber screen panel. In addition to the higher durability, up to ten times more than conventional wire mesh, users will appreciate the particularly simple handling of the light and flexible screen media.

In practice, the maximum proportion of the open screen area, the outstanding screening accuracy and excellent screening performance convincingly meet the particularly high demands that practitioners place on the quality of the finished product. In this respect, the Sandvik WX6500 screen medium is absolutely equal to wire mesh, but it provides other positive properties that wire screens do not have. For example, the effective value is significantly increased as the new-type screen panel minimises clogging and material sticking to the screen.

The wear-resistant screen panel ensures that a consistent quality product is generated over the entire operating time. This increases the reliability of the production process and also brings about a significant reduction in replacement intervals and production downtimes because of the long service life of the screen panel. The intervals between screen inspections are significantly longer. Moreover, replacement is much quicker and – due to the flexibility of the screen media – much less complicated than with wire screen panels. All in all, switching to products such as the Sandvik WX6500 saves valuable production time. In a dedicated display area of the stand, Sandvik’s expertise in screen media and wear protection systems as well as innovative spare parts will be demonstrated.

Mobile Crushing and Screening
The new QJ341+ tracked jaw crusher is on display on the Sandvik stand. This new crusher model features a double deck pre-screen as standard and so expands the performance of this Sandvik bestseller under mobile jaw crushers with the QJ341 type designation.

The intensive and therefore particularly thorough pre-screening of large quantities of fine particles makes the QJ341+ especially ideal for quarrying applications with a high fines content in comparison to the standard model. Test results confirm an increase in the productivity of up to 38% in certain applications. In addition, the effective removal of fine particles reduces the wear in the crushing chamber before the actual crushing takes place.

To complement the pre-screen, the QJ341+ features a new telescopic natural fines conveyor, with a discharge height of 3.1m / 10’3” to deal with the increased flow of pre-screened material. The dirt chute has been designed with a steeper angle to enable a faster transfer of material, whilst also increasing the ability to deal with sticky material. The three position dirt chute allows all material passing the pre-screen grizzly to be diverted onto either the main conveyor or the natural fines conveyor. In the middle position it allows a screened product to be produced out from the fines conveyor. All of this is done by positioning the three way chute without removing any media from the pre-screen.

Like the standard model, the QJ341+ also has easy-to-use features such as the hydraulic gap adjustment, reversible jaw and a hydraulic drive for starting when under load, as well as a Sandvik PLC control including a control screen. Highly efficient inclined axle and radial piston motors reduce the hydraulic flow rates, reduce fuel consumption and improve the durability of the 50-ton plant with throughputs up to 400 t/h.

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