Fecon Arrives In The UK

Fecon, market leaders in the USA, are now to be imported to the UK by Bioequipment Limited, based in South Wales. The APF show will host the UK launch of Fecon products. An FTX100 mulching tractor and a CEM 36 excavator mulching head will be exhibited and demonstrated on Stand 1000 to1040 at APF.

Fecon, Inc. was established in 1992 to meet the growing needs of the Organic Resource Recovery Industry in North America. Fecon serves thousands in R.O.W., land clearing, firebreaks, pasture restoration, invasive species and wildlife restoration markets. Fecon's product line includes Bull Hog Mulchers, FTX Track Carriers, Bio-Harvesting Equipment, Tree Shears, Grapples and Stump Grinders. The first Bull Hog was sold 20 years ago and is still running today with just over 20,000 hours on it. Over the last 20 years Fecon has grown into one of the leading international suppliers of vegetation management equipment and boasts the number 1 selling mulcher in the United States with the Bull Hog.

New for 2012 is the FTX100 LGP mulching tractor. Equipped with a 99hp Kubota engine this tractor provides impressive cutting power and traction capabilities for all job conditions. The owner can specify the machine for rough terrain or soft ground conditions where a light footprint or reduced ground disturbance is important. The 20" wide track option on the FTX100 LGP provides 4.4 psi ground pressure. Added value features on this purpose built tractor are ground clearance, tractive effort and durability. With the standard quick attach mounting system the FTX100 LGP can be equipped to utilize several forestry and construction attachments.

The CEM36 excavator mulcher represents Fecon's entry level mulching head and is designed to work on excavators in the 7ton to 15 ton size range. The CEM36 shares all of the features of the larger Fecon excavator mulching heads but in a compact heavy duty package capable of handling any form of vegetation up to 5" in stem diameter.

Fecon FTX600 is their flagship product. This mulching tractor brings the best combination of cutting performance, track power, ground pressure and serviceability in the 600hp class of mulching machines. Fitted with either the Fecon BH300 or BH350 Bull Hog®, the FTX600 can achieve 98"cutting height and 32" below ground. The FTX600 is ideal for a wide range of applications including pipeline and power line right of way clearing, large scale vegetation management and site preparation.

A unique product offered by Fecon is the Mobile Bio-Mass Chipper System. The RTC-22 Bio-Mass Chipper is designed to chip and collect bio-mass. Equipped on a forwarder chassis, the one step in woods process offers a high production rate of 20 to 30 tons per hour. The RTC-22 features a 22" capacity Chipper powered by a 365hp diesel engine making it ideal for bio-mass collection.

Bioequipment Ltd supplies the forestry and bioenergy industries with complete equipment and machinery resources and has a team of professionals with over 30 years experience of supplying and supporting all forms of harvesting and processing machinery to a wide range of clients and challenging applications.

It is the dedication and ability of the team within Bioequipment that has attracted and secured the exclusive distribution rights for premium suppliers such as Fecon. The quality and performance of the Fecon products compliments the ethos of the company that is striving to provide products and services that achieve new standards within the focus industries and markets.

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