Fingers for better cleaning

Flexco Europe: Korn Recycling opts for secondary belt cleaners with finger segments...

Korn Recycling, based in Germany’s Swabian Alb region, runs one of the world’s most modern plants for sorting industrial waste and processing refuse-derived fuel. Recently it equipped the conveyor belt system in its mobile processing line with a new belt cleaner with finger segments from Flexco Europe. This new model saves the company some four to five hours of cleaning time per week compared to its previous system, which used brushes. About ten metric tons of recyclable material are saved in this way each year.

“As a rule, employees wash the belt cleaner once a week – but what’s important is the amount of work involved,” says field specialist Patrick Weigold of Flexco Europe GmbH. Today Weigold has come to Korn Recycling in Albstadt, a town in Germany’s Swabian Alb region, about 30 kilometers from his company’s headquarters in Rosenfeld. “The prototype of our new CFC cleaner, the Chevron Belt Finger Cleaner, has been in operation here for about a year. Its flexible cleaner blades with finger contours are what make it special.” The blades closely follow the shape of the chevron belt, resulting in a highly efficient solution. Flexco Europe has now made this product ready for the market, so the time has come for a final evaluation. In the next hour, Patrick Weigold will dismantle the prototype and install the new CFC secondary belt cleaner.

Full range of waste disposal
In Albstadt Korn runs one of the world’s most modern plants for sorting industrial waste and processing refuse-derived fuel. It also has a number of mobile systems and systems for recovery of secondary raw materials. “Our core business is the disposal of industrial and commercial waste, and we also handle waste from private households and municipalities,” says Massimo Zitelli, head of material input, output and mobile processing at Korn Recycling. Korn’s mission is to recycle waste and put it to use.

The certified waste management company has produced high-quality refuse-derived fuels for use in power plants since 2002 and operates an ultramodern pretreatment facility for recovery of secondary raw materials in accordance with Germany’s Commercial Wastes Ordinance. The company has worked with Flexco Europe for many years.

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