First Rentec triple-shaft shredder to be sold in the UK

The Mick George Group has recently taken delivery of the first Rentec triple-shaft shredder to be sold in the UK. The Trirex 26005 is a stationary, slow speed triple-rotor shredder with a hydraulic drive, that will be used at the St Ives site to shred C&D waste. The shredded waste will then be fed to the existing Kiverco plant, where it will go through a series of processes to separate the waste into a variety of recyclable products.

Earlier this year, the Mick George Group and Kiverco collaboratively reviewed how the waste was being processed and both agreed that the Rentec addition would help improve throughput and efficiency. The shredder would size the infeed material and enable the Kiverco waste plant to segregate the material more easily and allow each component within the plant to perform at the optimum level.

This latest investment by the Mick George Group highlights once more the company’s commitment to diverting 100% of incoming waste from landfill. Commenting on this latest investment, Michael George, Managing Director of the Mick George Group explains the reason why he chose to purchase the shredder from Kiverco: 

“We receive a huge amount of C&D waste across the region, so it was essential that we found a solution capable of handling and processing high volumes.  Having worked with Kiverco for many years, we’re aware that they have a lot of knowledge and experience in waste processing and understand our requirements very well. We went through the various options available to us and quickly agreed that the Rentec triple shaft was the only shredder capable of meeting our needs. Having now seen the shredder in action, I am really pleased with the investment made as it is doing exactly what Kiverco had said it would and processing as much waste as we can throw at it.”

Kiverco Regional Sales Manager JP Devlin has worked with the Mick George Group for several years and he also commented on the significance of this shredder for the Mick George Group:

“The choice of shredder was critical at the St Ives site, as it is one of the largest and busiest waste transfer sites in the region. The Kiverco waste plant was installed a few years back and runs really well but, we knew we could increase throughput and achieve better results if the right shredder was installed to reduce the size of the material going into the plant. It has been an excellent investment for the company and I want to thank the Mick George Group once again for their faith in Kiverco.”

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