Focusing on service at a time of national crisis we step back from sales and focus on things differently, and yes this is where Mach-Tech Services shines.

Focusing on service at a time of national crisis we step back from sales and focus on things differently, and yes this is where Mach-Tech Services shines .

In the Recycling and Waste Industry we are renowned for our service, backed up by the best shredders in the world, from Lındner, a fourth generation family business with over 60 years experience. Lindner are at the forefront of shredding technology and have become a byword for quality and reliability across the world.

We are proud of our humble beginnings back in 2004, when our directors themselves travelled the country servicing and fixing all makes and models of shredders.

Since then we have always put an emphasis on the service that we provide and live up to, and in a very short time we have become known as the UK's leading service and suppliers of Industrial Shredding Equipment.

Mach-Tech Services carry the widest range of spare and wear parts for industrial shredding machinery in the UK and not only for our Lindner range of equipment, we can supply parts for all the major shredding machinery manufacturers. And holding many hundreds of thousands of pounds of spare parts stock on the shelf,  means that even large items like screens, bearings, motors, clutches can usually be delivered overnight.

It goes without saying our ability to work on any shredder with confidence is as unrivalled as our service.

We are happy to supply service and parts to any reputable shredder in the country, and Mach-Tech Services are often asked to take used and damaged machinery as part exchange during sales negotiations.

Mach-Tech Services  knows that the shredder is usually the key part of the process,and it would be untruthful and foolish to say that any machine can never go wrong.

Anything mechanical is subject to breakdowns, and how quickly our service engineers can get on site to fix and get everything running smoothly again and how quickly we can get your parts to you, is where our services score their points.

Speak to any of the Mach-Tech Services customers. We are confident that i they will tell you the same "great products and the very best service in the industry."

This is why we can truthfully say when a client deals with Mach-tech Services, they stay with Mach-Tech services.

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