From boy to man, Robson Handling Technology’s longest serving employee celebrates 45 years continuous service.

From starting at Robson at the age of 16 years old, the 19 July 2017 marks George Payne’s 45-year anniversary of working for the company. George began his career at Robson on 19 July 1972, as an apprentice. 45-years later he now heads up the site service division for Robson Site Services, having worked across the world, in multiple industries.

George continues to demonstrate his commitment to Robson and their customers, having recently spent time in South East Asia undertaking Health Check’s at Airports and Sugar factories. Long and humid days onsite are the norm, and George’s dedication and can-do attitude show no signs of slowing. Robson Site Service Health Checks on its own and other equipment are becoming the standard for numerous clients.

This proactive approach ensures long-term system stability, which is vital for continued performance. Neil Piper, Managing Director of Robson Site Services stated, “Downtime on site can be extremely costly to the end user, but by having a team that you know has the expertise to sort issues out quickly and efficiently is a brilliant sales tool. One which ensures customer satisfaction time and again. Attitudes are contagious, and with having personnel like George, who deliver great expertise and service places Robson in a strong position for the future.

On behalf of everyone at the Robson Group we thank George for his 45-years of service, with hopefully many more years to come.” George is one of 18 current employees who have served Robson for more than 30 years, something that the company is very proud of. Julie Kenny CBE, Chairman of Robson said “The commitment of George typifies Robson’s employees. In my short time here I can already see why Robson has such a great reputation. Market expertise that is second to none, and customer centric ethos, with employees that will go the extra mile. It’s a recipe for success!”

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