Fuchs launch Titan GT1 Pro C1 for Ford and Mazda Vehicles.

Adding further to their range of Titan motor oils, Fuchs Lubricants has now introduced the Titan GT1 PRO C-1 SAE 5W-30 which is a premium synthetic engine oil for today's engines fitted with exhaust treatment systems such as particulate filters or CRT's.

Specifically developed for Ford and Mazda vehicles, the Titan GT1 PRO C-1 comes with OEM recommendation and effectively reduces fuel consumption and protects and maximises the life of particulate filters and critical engine components.

Formulated with state-of-the-art additive technology Titan GT1 PRO C-1 contains top quality synthetic base oils and is suitable for turbocharged or normally-aspirated diesel and gasoline engines designed for use with fuel economy engine oils.

Truly an all-season product, tests have proven that the Titan GT1 PRO C-1 reduces fuel consumption significantly compared to conventional motor oils. This high performance fuel economy oil is applicable for all vehicles where ACEA C1 engine oils are specified.

Adding further benefits the Titan GT1 PRO C-1 also reduces friction and wear in the engine due to rapid circulation. Its excellent detergent properties keeps engines clean and guarantees the correct lubrication of all engine components.

Recommended for service fill for Ford and Mazda, Titan GT1 PRO C-1 5W-30 meets the following specification: ACEA C1, ACEA A5/B5 and JASO DL-1.

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