"Game Changing" Organic Feed Stacker from Edge Innovate

COMPOST 2022; held this year in Austin, Texas was the venue for the launch of EDGE’s latest new product offering. The New EDGE FTS Radial Organic feeder stacker is a unique concept from EDGE Innovate. It has been specifically designed for the processing of low density, organic materials such as mulch, compost, and soils.

In what EDGE has described as “A game changer that will set new standards in the turning, blending and stockpiling of organic material”.  Used to optimise the conditions of biological decomposition, the FTS Radial feeder stacker is designed to allow compost windrows to release excess heat, aerate and untangle. The high speed, high torque turning drum enclosed within the specially designed hopper ensures high throughput and the complete mixing of the feed material. The unique hopper design from EDGE ensures 100% of feed stock sees the turner – a process the company says is not possible with traditional windrow turners.

By combining the two methods of flipping, rotating and constant conveyor flow; the EDGE FTS Radial prevents unwanted material friction and compaction. Material is untangled via the forward/reverse high-speed turning drum which allows the feed material to breath whilst allowing the material to remain cool, thus, reducing the risk of combustion and anaerobic or “sour” mulch occurring.

An irrigation system fitted as standard on the FTS Radial allows operators to add moisture or nutrients to the feed stock whilst processing.

With an average throughput of 500m³/hr (653yds³/hr) the EDGE FTS Radial allows operators to increase their ability to turn material in comparison to what is currently on the market whilst also providing greater flexibility. When utilising an FTS Radial, operators are no longer tied down to operating on expensive concrete hardstands or limited to creating windrows of a certain width, height and size.


With a maximum feed in height of 3.1m (10’3”) and a hopper capacity of up to 12.7m (16.9 yds³), the EDGE FTS Radial can accept loads from 2 sides of the hopper directly via wheel loaders, excavators or high-speed grinders.  A 1.4m (55”) wide, high-speed feed conveyor and regulating turner housed within the hopper assembly allows for the smooth flow of the feed material. 

Powered via a 134HP (100kw) Caterpillar C3.6 Tier 4 Final / STAGE V engine, the FTS Radial offers extremely low engine and noise emissions with an extremely low average fuel consumption.


Fitted with a remote operated 180° radial discharge conveyor as standard, the EDGE FTS Radial organic stacker can create stockpile capacities of up to 952m³ (1246yds³). Added versatility is provided by the FTS Radial’s ability of continuous stockpiling whilst tracking, giving operators the ability to create linear or radial windrows leading to increased stockpile holding capacity over a much smaller footprint.

A wireless remote with an operating distance of up to 100m (328’) gives the operator complete control over the feeder, tracking as well as adjusting the radial conveyor discharge height and slewing angle.

With high production, greater operational flexibility and what operators have described as game changing; the new EDGE FTS RADIAL is set to open new possibilities in the processing of organic waste.

Further information on EDGE Innovate’s latest product offering can be found by visiting www.edgeinnovate.com

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