Game introduces the Self-Clean Elevator Boot

Boot maintenance and belt tensioning virtually eliminated.

As we all know, when it comes to lifting a product from a ground floor to an upper floor the simplest and most economical way is still the traditional bucket elevator. But the need to improve hygiene and eliminate raw material cross-contamination is an issue that has given a headache to many process industry project managers.

Game Engineering has designed an answer to the problem; the Self-Clean Elevator Boot and like many great ideas it is simple and very cost effective. The Game Engineering Self-Clean Elevator Boot is a proven design which features a two-piece telescopic arrangement. While it could have been manufactured for use only with Game Engineering’s own bucket elevators, the decision was taken to manufacture the Self-Clean Elevator boot as a direct upgrade replacement for most proprietary elevator boots currently in use. This means that should a customers’ existing elevator boot fail, lengthy production disruption is avoided as there is no need to rip out and replacing an entire elevator.

The problems of belt tensioning have been solved using pre-set pneumatic cylinder pressure and the belt alignment and bucket-to-base clearance are manually set to suit individual production requirements. Self-cleaning is achieved using a wiper arrangement located the elevator boot. This wiper removes any trace of the conveyed material from both the boot and buckets on a continuous basis. Replacing the blade when it becomes worn is a simple operation. However, should it be necessary - as it might be if the product has poor flow characteristics - the boot can be linked to a compressed air line for the removal of any remaining material.

The Game Engineering Self-clean Elevator Boot is made from either stainless steel or mild steel with a galvanised or painted finish.

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