German Company create a new product with Kiverco Recycling Plant

Like many waste processing companies throughout Europe, German company, Recycling Park Dorndorf Gmbh (RPD GmbH), were faced with some challenges due to the introduction of new legislation. They reacted by changing their technology to improve quality, ensuring their products would be of an acceptable standard for export and resale. This was achieved through the installation of a Kiverco recycling plant, where they were also able to increase capacity and the add a new fines product to their range, thereby increasing their profits.

Established over 25 years ago, RPD GmbH have a wealth of experience and have become a trusted partner in the German waste processing market. Faced with tighter restrictions on waste treatment in Germany and local incentives for producing fines products, RPD GmbH recognised the need to invest in new ways of improving the quality of their products. Through Christophel Gmbh, a long-established materials handling equipment supplier in the German market, they were offered a solution in the form of Kiverco equipment. After seeing Kiverco equipment in action, they were very impressed with the combination of Kiverco’s high-quality build coupled with the local support offered by Christophel GmbH. They concluded that Kiverco offered them the ideal solution to help them improve the quality of their waste.

The Challenge
RPD GmbH feed material is Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) sourced locally and from Europe. After the shredding stage, one of the main issues they faced was that they were not able to efficiently screen their fine material which was subsequently affecting the quality of their products. In collaboration with Christophel GmbH, Kiverco sent over their technical team to inspect the site and advise on various solutions that they could offer to suit their requirements.

The Solution
A Kiverco Feeder and Trommel was added to their current certified waste management processing facility. What they were delighted to discover with the Kiverco equipment was that it not only helped them create a new marketable fines product but it also improved the quality of their other products and increased their capacity, thereby increasing profits.

Owner and managing director of RPD GmbH, Mr. Hans-Georg Limburg, explains, “From the outset I was reassured by the professional approach of both Christophel and Kiverco. An initial consultation phase with Marcus Linhart of Christophel, assisted by the Kiverco team, showed that they were interested in understanding my needs and providing the correct solution, to get it right first time. This was quickly followed by a site inspection by the Kiverco engineering department which resulted in further consultation to optimise the plant. I was particularly impressed by the installation process; nothing had been left to chance and the equipment was installed like clockwork with hour by hour lift plans meaning much of the equipment was installed without touching the ground! I was not surprised that the testing was a formality. The build quality evident in the equipment tells me this was a solid investment for the company.”

Marcus Linhart of Christophel GmbH stated that they were delighted at how the process had unfolded, “We were aware of Kiverco’s reputation as a quality plant builder in the recycling industry for years. We were happy to have the opportunity to work with them and RPD GmbH on this project and believe the equipment now installed will contribute to the continued image of RPD GmbH as a reliable waste disposal partner, built up over more than 25 years.”

Gabriel O’Keefe, Kiverco’s Export Sales Manager for Germany states, “This project underlines the effect that changes in legislation can have on a company such as RPD GmbH. For our part, we are not only able to manufacture and install the equipment but are able to advise on a solution and how to turn, what is seemingly a negative, into a profitable opportunity.”

Recycling Park Dorndorf GmbH are a certified disposal specialist for the recycling and disposal of waste of all types such as Commercial & Industrial and Household waste and have been operating since 1994 in Krayenberg, Thuringia.

Kiverco Ltd
Kiverco are located in Northern Ireland and are well-known in the waste equipment market for their solid and robust equipment. Their mission is to provide customers with a complete recycling solution that is designed to produce higher quality recyclable products and faster financial returns. As well as their own manufactured equipment, they also incorporate market leading technology from around the world. So, whether you are a small or a large plant operator, Kiverco can provide you with a solution that suits your requirements and your waste stream.

Christophel GmbH
Established in 1984, Christophel Gmbh are based in Lubeck, Germany and are a long-established materials handling equipment supplier in the German market.

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