Hampshire-based Fortis now recycle the Island of Jersey’s household waste incinerator bottom ash into an aggregate which is used to build roads across the UK

Hampshire-based Fortis IBA Ltd are now processing the ash generated from Jersey’s municipal waste which is incinerated on the island into an aggregate which is used to build roads. 

A short video has been jointly commissioned by the Government of Jersey and Fortis IBA Ltd.


The incinerator bottom ash (IBA), which is produced at the La Collette Energy Recovery Facility was previously securely disposed of in the La Collette headland until 2017, but it is now fully recycled by leading IBA Processors, Fortis.

The IBA is collected and shipped to the Fortis A303 IBA Processing in Hampshire where it is then processed into a fully sustainable secondary aggregate called IBA Aggregate.  This secondary aggregate is sold into the construction industry, where it is in high demand for use as an alternative to primary minerals in building roads and pavements.

The States of Jersey Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Kevin Lewis, said: “We have been working with industry leader Fortis since 2017 to make sure that Jersey’s Incinerator Bottom Ash is fully recycled.  We have now jointly produced a video to help islanders see the process and to understand that this is the best solution for Jersey’s IBA.

“The recycling of IBA means that even rubbish that is not separated for recycling ends up being repurposed. This is a huge step for Jersey and demonstrates our progressive approach to recovering as much as possible from our waste.”

Lee Thompson, Managing Director, Fortis IBA Ltd, said: “We are very pleased to be working with the Government of Jersey to recycle the island’s IBA. Jersey produces around 12,000 tonnes of IBA every year, and, once this is processed, we are able to create a significant amount of fully sustainable secondary aggregate for construction projects in the UK. It is fantastic that the Government of Jersey has taken steps to recycle the ash produced by the island’s waste.”

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