Harsco Metals Forms Strategic Alliance with Tetronics

Tetronics Ltd., a global leader in the supply of Direct Current (DC) plasma waste recovery plants for the treatment of hazardous waste and metal recovery, today announced that it has signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Harsco Metals Group Ltd, an established and well respected globally operating services company.

Through this alliance Harsco will seek to extend their technical offering with the addition of Tetronics' DC plasma arc technology to the many potential areas of hazardous waste treatment and metal recovery as well as into new applications and territories. Harsco has a wide global presence in over 50 countries and an interest to invest in commercially viable plasma arc facilities involving the build, ownership and operation of such facilities for the benefit of Harsco's existing and new customers.

Harsco and Tetronics have a long history of successful collaboration with Harsco having 20 years of experience in operating and maintaining Tetronics' technology at their Plasminox project at Terni in Italy.The project has seen Tetronics DC plasma arc solutions recovering valuable metals from the Electric ArcFurnace dust that is generated from an adjacent stainless steel manufacturing process to then be re‐used back into the steel production process. Both companies recognise the combined strength of Tetronics, asan established technology provider and Harsco as a global operator.

The process chemistry in Tetronics' plasma technology is designed to symbiotically and preferentially separate and recover the valuable material in a range of wastes whilst destroying any hazardous components. The remaining non‐valuable material is vitrified into an inert, safe disposable, non‐hazardous material, called Plasmarok®, in a single processing step.

The robust level of construction and minimal number of moving components within the plasma systems delivers outstanding plant longevity. The recovery process also has exceptional environmental and commercial credentials and canbe considered as a future‐proof solution for waste management problems. Speaking about the alliance, Jeremy Makepeace, Vice President Global Solutions (Non ferrous) at Harsco Corporation explains; Leads arrivein SAD & KCindoxRegistered in England & Wales No. 00812104Registered office: as above VAT Registration No. 822 1518 60"The reality is that how we manage waste today will change dramatically in the next 5‐10years, with traditional waste management solutions being increasingly challenged on regulatory compliance, corporate & social responsibility and economic cost grounds.

The Tetronics technology will enable our customers to recover valuable resources from waste that they can reuse in their manufacturing processes in a sustainable "closed loop model" thereby ensuring security of supply of key resources, or that they can sell to achieve additional revenue streams.

We have first‐hand experience and trust in Tetronics and the effectiveness of their DCplasma arc technology." Stephen Davies, CEO for Tetronics comments;" We are delighted to have formed this alliance with Harsco. Harsco is already a major player in the services sector with a presence on all continents across the globe. The new alliance will see the benefits of our plasma technology being promoted not only in our traditional areas of operation, but also into new sectors and territories."

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