Heated cab option for JCB 403E Compact Wheeled Loader

JCB has developed a fully glazed, heated ROPS/FOPS cab alternative for the 403E electric compact wheeled loader. The cab comes complete with heated front and rear screens, a heated seat, and an efficient three-speed heater with boost feature. It is also possible to pre-condition the cab while charging, to preserve traction battery power and potential operating time.

The 403E uses a 2.2kW Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater system with three temperature settings. There is also a boost switch that can be used to rapidly increase the temperature within the cab for 10 minutes, before switching off to conserve energy. The heater is automatically disabled if the doors are open, to further preserve battery power.

In the warmer months, the operator can use the blower function, even if the doors are open, to circulate air within the cab.

Cab pre-conditioning allows the operator to warm the cab while the machine is being charged prior to the start of work. This time-based system uses a rotary dial and the main digital display in front of the operator to set the time that work will commence. With the start time set, the heater will activate 30 minutes before work commences and will de-activate 15 minutes after the start time if the machine has not been used. This feature will only function when there is more than 25% battery charge available.

The heated seat provides rapid warming for the operator, reducing the need to run the main cab heater, conserving electrical energy and prolonging run time. Heated front and rear windscreens also allow rapid defrosting in colder climates and demisting during wet weather. Again, this reduces the requirement for the heater to be run, preserving battery power for loader use.

The 403E is JCB’s first full electric compact wheeled loader. The machine boasts a 20kWh battery pack, among the largest in the sector, allowing up to 4-5 hours of continuous use in a mixed operating cycle. Even with the full cab, the machine weighs in at less than 2.6 tonnes, allowing transportation on a 3.5-tonne trailer, behind a 4x4 or a light commercial vehicle.

The machine has a 33.4kW peak power drive motor for the wheels, with three driving modes. Drive is transmitted through a ZF drop-box, to both axles, which can be supplied with open differentials or with differential locks. In addition, it uses a 20kW peak power motor to drive the hydraulic pump for the lift arms and attachments.

The 403E is aimed at both agricultural and construction customers. It is proving particularly popular with those farming customers who have solar or wind turbine power generation on their land and buildings. By harvesting this green renewable energy, it is possible to operate the electric loader while incurring virtually no fuel cost.

The machine is also proving popular in urban construction and paving work, where the ability to carry palletised loads with zero emissions and low noise levels is in demand. The addition of a fully glazed, heated cab will add to that appeal, particularly in countries with colder, wetter, climates.

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