Hillhead 2024: EDGE Innovate dominates with new equipment

At Hillhead 2024, EDGE Innovate captivated industry professionals at Hillhead 2024 with the debut of not just one, but two innovative machines: the EDGE SCREENPRO S18 Scalping Screen and the EDGE VS750i Primary Waste Shredder. Known for advanced technology and robust equipment, EDGE showcased solutions that promise to redefine standards in the quarrying and recycling sectors.

The SCREENPRO S18 Scalping Screen: A New Benchmark

Hillhead 2024 marked the UK debut of the SCREENPRO S18 Scalping Screen as it impressed attendees with its robust design and advanced features. Designed to handle high volumes of material effortlessly, the S18 is perfect for demanding applications in quarrying, mining, and recycling. Its modular design facilitates quick setup and transportation, whilst its interchangeable screen box feature provides operators with unmatched versatility.

VS750i Primary Waste Shredder: Leading the Way in Waste Management

The VS750i Primary Waste Shredder also drew significant attention at the event from both the media and exhibitor visitors. This versatile waste shredder is engineered to process a wide range of waste materials, from construction debris to household waste. Its high torque, low-speed shredding mechanism ensures powerful performance while maintaining energy efficiency and resistance to contaminants. The VS750i’s adaptability and robust construction make it a valuable asset in the waste management industry, aligning with the increasing need for high capacity, sustainable and efficient waste processing solutions.

A Highlight at Hillhead 2024

EDGE Innovates latest product offerings were a major attraction, drawing crowds eager to see the latest advancements in heavy machinery. The debut of the SCREENPRO S18 and the VS750i solidified EDGE’s reputation as a leader in innovation and performance. Attendees were treated to comprehensive demonstrations and insightful discussions with the EDGE team, making it clear why EDGE remains at the forefront of the industry.

Whether you’re in quarrying, recycling, or waste management, EDGE Innovates new equipment offers solutions that meet the evolving demands of these industries. Hillhead 2024 was a showcase of future-ready technology, and EDGE Innovates contributions were a key highlight of the event.

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