IFAT: Doppstadt to showcase benefits of the mobile-modular processing concept

  • Smart combination of standard machines and components forms an economic and legally secure processing solution
  • High flexibility: used for C&D waste, biowaste and industrial waste applications and for screenings from biowaste processing

More flexibility, a higher economic efficiency and full legal conformity – this is what the mobile-modular processing concept MMPC from Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH (DUG) promises. The environmental technology expert sets up smart and efficient combinations of standard machines and components creating a mobile plant concept. From May 30 to June 3, 2022, Doppstadt will show what such a powerful process chain can look like at IFAT in Munich. On a 1700 m² open area, the processing expert will showcase the well-thought-out plant concept including the METHOR Multitool, a spiral shaft separator, a wind sifter and mobile machine-side and sorting conveyors...

“Our MMPC processing concept is based on the modular principle. It allows all the standard Doppstadt machines and components to be combined to create a smart overall solution,“ says Michael Zeppenfeldt, Head of Sales for Germany at Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH (DUG). As soon as the customer’s specific requirements change, the plant layout can be adapted quicky by adding or replacing specific machine components. “Our mobile-modular processing concept offers our customers a future-proof solution, which does not only ensure flexible application, but also legal conformity and economic efficiency,“ Zeppenfeldt underlines.

Tried and tested

The MMPC has already proven its worth in the market and it is mainly used in the fields of C&D waste, biowaste and industrial waste. Users particularly appreciate the practical suitability of the processing concept. The MMPC stands out among other things because of its low space requirement.

This solution also offers real benefits regarding operating costs, the time and effort required for permits and, last but not least, the price of about 700,000 Euros, which is quite economical compared to other solutions in the industry. Operating costs can also be kept low thanks to the use of the latest drive technologies. Furthermore, the MMPC stands out for its high efficiency. By implementing it, disposal costs can be reduced by up to 30 to 40 percent, depending on the field of application. Therefore, this plant solution does not only offer maximum flexibility, but is also particularly profitable and efficient.

Prepared for the future

Thanks to the wide range of possible combinations, the MMPC can flexibly and quickly be adapted to current requirements and legal framework conditions at any time. The Doppstadt solution does not only meet the strict requirements of the current biowaste directive, but it also fully meets the technical requirements of the commercial waste directive according to section 6 (2) of the GewAbfv – as the report of a technical expert confirms. The processing concept thus offers a high level of legal conformity – even in the future.

Interested customers can get a first idea of the mobile-modular processing concept at the IFAT. From May 30 to June 3, the Doppstadt Group will present its smart processing solution in Munich. The focus of the presentation will be the flexible METHOR Multitool in combination with a spiral shaft separator and a wind sifter.

The Doppstadt Group will participate in the IFAT 2022 from May 30 to June 03, 2022, on the outdoor grounds of the Munich fair at booth 709/1.


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