Improve your materials handling knowledge this winter by attending one of our short courses.

The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology specialises in helping industry solve it’s powder and particulate handling problems through consultancy and training. 

We run a series of short courses specifically for industrialists to help them understand why they encounter solids handling problems and how to help resolve/avoid them.

The courses are held in our Short Course Centre over 2 days often followed by a one day practical session in our on-site laboratories. This offers delegates the opportunity to use our specialised equipment, some of which is not available anywhere else in the world.

The following courses are available this winter:
11 – 13 October; Overview of Particulate Handling Technology: Learn the basics of powder and particulate handling, including vessel design, characterisation of materials, pneumatic and mechanical conveying, instrumentation and control, and dust control. The session in the laboratories will give delegates the chance to undertake Flow, Segregation , Attrition and Elutriation testing.

22 – 24 November; Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Solids; Learn about the different pneumatic conveying systems and the types of problems that can arise as a result of mismatching, feeders, pipe designs, or air movers to one another. The session in the laboratories will give delegates the chance to use the small bore and full scale pneumatic conveying rig and to use the different scale impact testers.

13 – 14 December: Biomass Handling, Feeding and Storage; Biomass comes in many forms, each with it’s own handling problems and whatever form your biomass takes, your handling system will need to be set up to deal with that specific product; No one handling system can deal with all biomass products. The key is to understand the properties of the particular range of materials. The Biomass Handling, Feeding and Storage short course offers the opportunity to gain this understanding.

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