Increased productivity & longer wear life with Sandvik Optitoothâ„¢ offering

Sandvik has always taken great pride in its innovation and developing products which will improve our customers’ bottom line and increase uptime. We know that ‘time is money’ and designing products which will last longer and provide greater efficiency to our customer’s operations will add value where it counts.

Following the successful launch of Sandvik Optitooth™ jaw plates, Sandvik Mobile Crushers and Screens have now created a number of complementary ready-to-order maintenance kits which include Optitooth™ jaw plates and our NEW Optitooth™ side plates for the Sandvik QJ241, QJ341 & QJ341+  jaw crushers.

Through our in-depth knowledge of the crushing process and understanding of our customers’ needs, we have designed this offering with a number of benefits in mind. Firstly, for longer wear life and secondly for convenience, with all parts in one kit, they simplify service, increase maintenance efficiency and consequently increase uptime.

These tailor-made Optitooth™ kits are designed around the natural usage of the wear parts in the crusher, and offer all components you need with just one part number.

Key customer benefits include:

  • Improved performance – Optitooth™ Jaw plates are matched with our new Optitooth™ side plates which greatly increase the efficiency and extend the wear life of your of your crushing chamber
  • Improved profitability – Increase your maintenance efficiency and productivity, and ultimately your bottom line
  • Higher uptime – Replace your wear parts in just one service interval following wear patterns
  • Greater availability – Avoid delays or parts shortages with delivery of all components in one shipment

We have created these in three different offerings for convenience:  

  1. Optitooth™ Fixed Kit 1 - Fixed Optitooth™ jaw plate and NEW lower side plates
  2. Optitooth™ Swing Kit 2 - Swing Optitooth™ jaw plate and NEW lower side plates
  3. Optitooth™ Kit 3 - One fixed and one swing Optitooth™ jaw plate, NEW upper and lower side plates

All the necessary components are supplied with the kit to keep your crushing chamber operating at optimal performance.

Optitooth™ kits NEW enhanced side plates

Optitooth™ Kits see the introduction of our new enhanced side plates, which in trials have proven to last up to 3 times longer. This improvement in wear life matches perfectly with our Optitooth™ jaw plates making them the ideal combination for superior performance.

Optitooth™ Jaw plates

Sandvik Optitooth™ jaw plates were designed primarily to increase wear life for our customers. We wanted to design a jaw plate which would last longer, optimize productivity and lower overall operating costs.

The improved profile of jaw plate was designed for a higher percentage of the jaw to be utilized resulting in longer wear life and less manganese waste. The backing plate was redesigned to make it easier for removal, thereby reducing maintenance time and ultimately downtime, saving time as well as money.

The Optitooth™ profile also brings with it a number of additional benefits which all contribute to improved product shape. The unique profile was designed around the production of a more cubical material and reduction of elongated slab material which can cause blocking issues for secondary cone crushers.  

The key customer benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • Longer wear life

Customer feedback has been extremely positive. The average output increased by over 30% per hour and wear rates also increased upwards of 30%.

  • Better fuel economy

In addition to the increased wear performance, customers have seen benefits in relation to fuel economy. The improved profile helps the transfer of material pass through the crushing chamber resulting in lower engine loading. Results have proven a saving of up to 15%* less fuel.

  • Improved product shape

Improved design allows for better breakage and improved material flow resulting in a more cubical and higher quality product shape.

  • Reduced service time

The unique design makes the plates easier to turn over or replace, saving you time and money

  • Increased production

All of the above results in increased efficiency and higher productivity by up to 20%*.

Reliability all round 

Since the introduction of the Optitooth™ jaw plates, Scottish customer G.F. Job haven’t looked back and have no hesitations in recommending these. “They benefit us all round: we are crushing far more, getting better fuel economy, producing a better product and they are last an awful lot longer” comments Graeme Watt, Operations Manager.

Optitooth™ has proved suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly abrasive quarry rock. Optitooth™ is fitted to all of our Q-Range mobile jaw crushers as standard.

Sandvik always recommends using genuine spares and wear parts to ensure reliability and optimal performance of your mobile equipment.

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