Inmalo announces Rock-Crusher distributor agreement

Inmalo are pleased to be appointed as UK distributor for German manufacturer Rokla Gmbh (HARTL) for Rock.Zone attachments. Focusing on demolition, Inmalo will be supplying the Rockcrusher bucket and the Rockwheel attachments.

With over 35 years’ experience in the crushing industry, Hartl became technology leader in the market. Robust German engineering gives these attachments the highest level of performance and product durability.


The Rockcrusher enables material to be crushed and recycled directly on site as an attachment on an excavator. Disposal or transportation costs to stationary crushing plants are avoided, making demolition more sustainable.

The attachment comes in 4 sizes RC7R, RC9R, RC11R, RC13R, depending on your project requirements and excavator size. Rockcrusher produces reusable crushed backfill material with a consistent aggregate size for stability.

The crushing process uses a Quattro movement with hydraulic jaw plates removing the need for further processing. A reverse function also enables any jammed material to be ejected safely. The cube-shaped end product will solidify the soil with less risk of unwanted bumps or sinkholes making it ideal for on-site land stabilisation and reinstatement work.

Operation cost is less than 1 EUR per ton of processed material (including fuel and maintenance costs) making Rockcrusher the ideal solution for small to medium sized projects.


Rockwheel revolving cutting units effortlessly break up and crush concrete, including steel reinforcement without the need for additional tools to cut rebar and flat bar. The units demolish and cut in a one-step process with unrivalled performance.

The resulting crushed material is the same size as gravel, making it reusable as crushed  aggregate or its waste removal from site easier and more efficient. The units also come with a mounted spray nozzle ensuring dust-free work when connected to a water supply.

These cutting attachments use powerful carbide spiked tips, turning and ripping at high speed revolutions and are perfect for applications where a bucket or grapple would be too weak and a hammer would be excessive and slow.

Demolition with Rockwheel cutting units have a lower noise activity level. This is an advantage when working in sensitive locations, such as urban and residential areas.

Moreover, the use of cutting units results in lower vibration as it eliminates the typical impact energy of breakers.

Charles Polak says, “We’re delighted to partner with the Rock.Zone products as customers need choice to ensure they have the best products to get jobs done as safely and economically as possible. These products add significantly to our range of high performance demolition attachments giving our customers real choice, more options and providing clear and sustainable working benefits”.

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