Integrated Bin-Weighing And Software System ‘Pays For Itself’

VWS celebrates its 11th year at the RWM show this year and its integrated bin-weighing and software management system, which many waste management operators claim pays for itself, is predicted to be a popular feature with visito

ASL Environmental in Bristol have been using the system for some time with great success as managing director, Mark Taylor explains: “We are finding that the first week of each month pays for the weighing system and the other three weeks are profit, which we would have been losing if we didn’t have the bin weighing equipment.”

The weights and measures approved ENVIROWEIGH bin-weigher from VWS is arguably the most accurate dynamic system available in the market place, weighing each load to within 1 kg. PurGo, from VWS Software Solutions is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system designed specifically for waste management & recycling operators, and materials processing facilities, which integrates seamlessly with most business systems.

When used together operators can monitor every collection and calculate the profitability of each round, as well as be alerted immediately regarding any issues with access or overweight bins. The PurGo system manages all processes from end to end and produces a wide range of reports that are crucial for the efficient operation of the business as well as providing important information for customers.

About PurGo Mark says: “PurGo is a fantastic piece of software. The reporting side is amazing and priceless in helping us to run our business. I have no hesitation in telling other waste management companies that they are foolish not to use it.”

Julian Glasspole. Managing Director, VWS, said: “We are looking forward to RWM; it’s one of the highlights of the waste management calendar and we always have a good time at the show networking with colleagues, and meeting customers. Business is booming at the moment. Waste and recycling companies are loving the combination of the ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing system and
PurGo. The two systems together are helping them to be more efficient, more effective and more profitable. What’s not to like?”

VWS will also be demonstrating its award winning VOPS™2 (Vehicle Overload Protection System), which is easy to install, extremely accurate and helps prevent overloading from occurring. VOPS™2 can be fitted to most types of commercial vehicle ranging from 3.5t GVW and it doesn’t rely on springs or transducers. Load sensors are installed between the axle and the body of a vehicle to detect the load applied to the axles.

Julian added: “Vehicle overloading can have serious consequences and lead to fines, endorsements or even a custodial sentence in the event of an accident. Not only do vehicles become unstable, undue stress is also placed on the tyres and braking systems, and fuel usage is increased. Operators who overload put their licence at risk.”

“Any uneven weight distribution is highlighted as well as overloading, so it is particularly useful for delivery companies where there is a high risk of overloading or having too much weight on either axle.”

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