JCB ‘Swiss Army Knife’ slashes costs for Bryson Recycling

Two versatile JCB backhoe loaders have replaced static waste compactors across a group of recycling centres – saving the operator time and money.

Bryson Recycling operates five household waste recycling centres across Conwy and Denbighshire in North Wales where it traditionally used static waste compactors.

Now the company has invested in two versatile JCB 5CX PRO Wastemaster models which are able to complete the waste compacting requirements as well as a series of additional roles.

Using a jaw bucket attachment on the back actor, the backhoes can pick, sort and compress the waste within a container – fitting more waste in each and reducing the number of container collections needed to process the recyclable material. They can also move containers using an integrated skip hook at the front end and with excellent roading capabilities, they can operate across all five sites in Wales.

Bryson Recycling Site Manager, Dan McCabe said: “We chose JCB due to its long-standing reputation for quality craftmanship. We read in the trade press that the 5CX PRO Wastemaster was specifically designed for household waste recycling sites and that certainly spiked our initial interest.

“After seeing it in action at a demonstration event we were confident that the machine would have a positive impact on our operations and that has definitely proved to be the case. We refer to the 5CX PRO Wastemaster as a ‘Swiss Army knife’ as it has so many capabilities which benefit the waste management industry.

“Prior to this purchase we used static waste compactors which were expensive to maintain and run in comparison to the productivity they could achieve. By using the JCB models we have surpassed the capacity we could previously process with the static waste compactor and are reducing costs in the process. Furthermore, the 5CX models stand out for their ability to raise on four jacklegs for greater visibility, move waste containers with the front hook, while also having the added flexibility of driving the machine quickly from one site to another.”

With a 4-speed transmission (complete with Torquelock), the JCB 5CX Wastemaster can travel at up to 25mph (40km/h). JCB's Smoothride System minimises bounce loadings; this means increased operator comfort, increased travel speed, reduced material spillage and reduces wear on the loader arms.

Bryson Recycling is the largest social enterprise recycler in the UK. It collects and processes recycling materials from over 50% of homes in Northern Ireland, operating 11 recycling centres in Donegal and Wales as well as providing collection services for gardens and residual waste.

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