Kealshore increase production and product quality by investing in a new Tyrone International Washing Plant.

Kealshore Ltd are a long-established family-owned company based in Kirkby, Liverpool, who have become a well-known name in the supply of recycled aggregates to the building and construction industry across Merseyside and the North West of England. With the circular economy being their prime focus, they offer a complete material supply solution from the collection of recyclable aggregates which are processed on their own site to delivery of quality aggregates for reuse in the construction industry. Their services include the supply of crushed aggregates, washed aggregates, tipper hire and grab hire lorries.

Kealshore began washing recyclable aggregates over 10 years ago with a small washing plant and a water treatment plant with a filter press. Over the years they have updated and added to various parts of their plant but had the desire to significantly increase their production and produce a greater range of products with zero aggregates going to landfill.

After a detailed consultation period and a site visit to another Tyrone International wash plant processing similar material the decision was made to award them the project.

Ian Pickevance from Kealshore, commented, “Tyrone took the time to understand our existing operation and what we wanted to achieve. Our existing wash plant was getting tired, and we wanted to invest in the best technology available to increase our production to 150tph with the ability to process 200tph in the future. Build quality, plant reliability and good access for easy maintenance was very important to us. After a site visit to another plant supplied by Tyrone, we were impressed at how much their washing equipment has advanced and the access for maintenance was the best we had seen.”

Ian added, “The product quality is fantastic and now we can produce an additional washed product which is a big bonus for Kealshore.”

The Tyrone International Plant:

In June 2020 Tyrone International initially supplied their new T-Scalp 125 scalper to feed the existing wash plant. Then in 2021 Kealshore ordered the wash plant, and it was decided that the installation would take place the last two weeks of December to minimise the downtime of the existing operation. The T-Scrub 1600 was fully erected and tested prior to dispatch which ensured a quick installation on site. The complete plant was successfully commissioned in January 2022.

Fintan McKeever – Director of Tyrone International, took us through the process. “The electrically driven scalper has a heavy-duty screen box fitted with Hardox punch plate on the top deck and heavy-duty mesh on the bottom deck to screen off the plus 90mm material. The scalper was supplied with machine controls that integrate into the main control panel for the new wash plant so that everything can be operated from this panel.

The minus 90mm material is fed onto the main feed conveyor which has a 1m wide heavy-duty belt. This conveyor is also fitted with a robust accurate belt weigher and a belt magnet. The belt width ensures the feed material has a thin bed depth which assists the belt magnet remove the ferrous metals.

The recyclable material passes through a wash box where water is added to turn the material into a slurry and feed it onto a large double deck vibrating pre-screen. Both screen decks are fitted with polyurethane modules which are easy to change and have a long wear life compared to wire mesh.

The 50mm to 90mm material passes onto a horizontal conveyor and into a stocking bay. The minus 5mm sand flows into an existing pump tank and the 5 – 50mm material is then fed forward into a twin shaft log washer; a completely new design by Tyrone this incorporates a lot of new design features, including extreme ease of access for maintenance of all parts.”

This improved access philosophy is seen throughout the plant and also on the trash and dewatering screen.

After passing through the log washer, material is then fed onto a large double deck rinsing screen which removes any remaining sand that has been carried through the log washer and produces three clean aggregates, 10mm, 20mm and 40mm stone.

The trash material is floated out at the lower end of the logwasher and onto a large vibrating trash screen which dewaters the material and allows the water, silt and any fine sand to flow through the deck and into the pump tank. The flow rate of the water, the height of the weirs and the speed of the logwasher shafts can be adjusted to optimise the removal of the trash and the cleanliness of the washed aggregates.”

Ensuring an effective plant on a daily basis:

The plant is fitted with a belt weigher to monitor the tonnage fed into the plant; additionally, remote data management can determine what time the plant started and stopped, including how many minutes the belt runs empty, what time the operator started to put material into the plant, which is basically to encourage better utilisation, better throughput of the plant. The multitrack system provides management information to any chosen computer or internet connected device. 

All the components of the plant have been designed using top quality components that are available in the marketplace. The logwasher blades are manufactured from high chromium steel for maximum wear life. The logwasher is fitted with top hinged doors along both sides of the hull which remain locked during operation and can be easily opened to access the logwasher shafts, blades, and spray nozzles.

“Delivered in the striking company red and white this state of-the-art plant is something rather special and marks a significant step forward in plant design and Tyrone International are to be applauded for this versatile and efficient processing system, said John Edwards-Editor HUB-4”.

Ian Pickevance added “We have received top service from Tyrone International, a truly knowledgeable team and the back-up is superb. We are looking forward to growing our business further with the addition of this equipment.”

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