Keestrack develops long life grease

Keestrack scalpers K3, K4 and K5 will be standard equipped with LLG Grease as of September 1st

To increase uptime, Keestrack decided to standardize the Long Life Grease on the K3, K4 and K5 scalper in their Czech factory as of the start of September, due to great testing results since 2021.

Keestrack Long Life (LLG) grease contains anti-wear and anti-friction additives and is resistant to water and rust. It extends service intervals and lowers costs and downtime. It expands the lifetime of the bearings of the screen box and apron feeder by running at lower temperature. The LLG grease is resistant to high impact loads and vibrations and can handle an ambient temperature from -25°C to +145°C.

Service interval

Due to the LLG grease the service interval is 5 to 10 times longer, compared to standard EP2 grease. For example: greasing the screen box has been reduced from every 50 hours to every 500 hours.

Operating temperature

The operating temperature of the bearings are much lower with LLG grease compared to standard EP2 grease. In one test, comparing the EP2 grease versus the LLG grease on the screen box of a K5, the bearings were running at an operating temperature up to 60°C with standard EP2 grease, while with LLG grease they were running at an operational temperature of 43°C, a significant difference.

The use of LLG grease has a huge positive effect on the lifespan of the bearings, resulting in more Uptime, less downtime and less costs.

Private label

To emphasize the unique characteristics of this grease the cartridges are branded under Keestrack private label.

The LLG grease is available in 400 ml tubes and can be easily applied by an ergonomic handpump. The cartridges are made with a screwable cap so they cannot be mixed up with other classic grease pumps. You can apply the grease by the handpump single handed or both handed. The handpump is designed so you can always clearly identify the LLG grease. At the bottom it will stay clearly visible at all times.


Keestrack dealers inform their customers on this new standard on the K3, K4 and K5 screen, incorporated in our factories in Czech Republic as of September 1st. Due to standardising the LLG grease, the central greasing option on the K3, K4 and K5 will disappear, as this does not make sense anymore, as only 6 bearings have to be greased every 500 hours. The greasing nipples are well indicated by the green labels on the machine with clear instructions.

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