Kiverco’s new video shows a customer-focused approach

Kiverco have recently launched their new corporate video, titled “One Team, Delivering Solutions”. The video showcases how the company successfully delivers a complete recycling solution to their customers. Based around Kiverco’s four processes of Consultation; Design, Manufacture and Installation, the viewer can see clearly how the Kiverco employees work together as one team to deliver the project to the customer.

Marie-Claire O’Hagan, Kiverco’s Marketing Manager says, “We are delighted with the results of this new video. It was really important for us to showcase the team here at Kiverco, as it’s their knowledge and experience which sets us apart from other machinery suppliers in the market. Our mission is customer-focused and is about providing the customer with a recycling solution that produces higher quality recyclable products and faster financial returns. So, whether its static or modular equipment that is required – we all work together as a team to provide the best solution to the customer. I think this video gets this across really well.”

Kiverco Solutions
Kiverco offer a range of static and modular recycling plant systems. Their slogan “Built With Backbone” stands true with the numerous high-quality recycling plants that they have built over the years.

Understanding a customer’s business is key to offering them the best solution and that’s what Kiverco do best. And as well as their own manufactured equipment, they also incorporate market leading technology from around the world. At the consultation stage, Kiverco take time to understand how the customer’s business works, identify challenges and problems that they face and understand their future objectives.

So, whether you are a small or a large plant operator, Kiverco can provide you with a solution that suits your requirements and your waste stream.

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