Kramer‘s new size, moving the world: the 8155 wheel loader

Kramer-Werke GmbH is presenting its new flagship: the 8155 all-wheel steer loader, with which the product portfolio in the wheel loader sector has reached a new size class. The new 9-ton loader is equipped with powerful load-sensing hydraulics, the innovative ecospeedPRO travel drive and a proven Deutz engine.

With a bucket tipping load of 5,600 kilograms, a stack payload of 3,900 kilograms and an operating weight of 9,150 kilograms, the 8155 model opens up a new size class in the Kramer wheel loader product portfolio and thus meets customers’ demand for a powerful and extremely efficient machine. As with all models of the 8-series – Kramer's Premium series – all-wheel, crab and front-axle steering are available as standard.

The Kramer brand stands for all-wheel steer loaders, telehandlers and telescopic wheel loaders with extreme manoeuvrability, all-terrain mobility and high efficiency. The Kramer 8155 also impresses with maximum stability, manoeuvrability and constant payload thanks to its proven, undivided vehicle frame. “When we look at the wheel loader market, we see that the performance class of the 1.5 m³ loaders has experienced a significant upturn in the last two years. With our new flagship in the Kramer wheel loader portfolio, we serve this segment. Naturally, our customers also benefit from the Kramer quality of this machine,” explains Karl Friedrich Hauri, Managing Director of Kramer-Werke GmbH.

In addition to applications in industry and recycling, the wheel loader is also aimed at companies that have to cope with more demanding tasks in road and path construction. For example, the 8155 can be used for material transport on large construction sites as well as for loading and unloading heavy transport chains and carriers. But the new wheel loader is also used for municipal winter road clearance services – especially in surface clearing and road clearance.

The new Kramer flagship is powered by a 100 kW Deutz TCD 3.6 engine of exhaust-gas stage IV. The exhaust gas after-treatment is carried out by DOC and SCR. The even more powerful Deutz TCD 4.1 with 115 kW is available to the customer as an option. Here, the exhaust gas is treated with DOC, DPF and SCR.

As a special innovation, the 8155 wheel loader features the new ecospeedPRO hydrostatic wide-angle travel drive with an optional 370cc absorption volume for increased tractive effort and driving dynamics. Kramer co-developed the continuously variable hydrostatic transmission with 45° swivelling angle of the hydraulic motor. In addition to the positive properties known for hydrostatic drives, such as simple reversing, good dosing and inching, the wide conversion range of the 45° technology also allows the entire speed range from 0 to 40 km/h to be driven through without shifting and thus without loss of thrust and tractive forces. In typical working situations, such as handling work in the Y-cycle, there is a high demand for constant thrust and traction forces at low travel speeds. The ecospeedPRO gear unit exactly meets these requirements.

The ecospeedPRO travel drive is equipped with the intelligent Smart Driving motor speed reduction as standard. This adapts the engine speed at constant speed optimally to the driving requirements. When the maximum speed is reached, this results in reduced noise, lower fuel consumption and reduced stress on the individual components. With ecospeedPRO, the engine speed can be reduced to 1,550 rpm at maximum travel speed.

With 150 l/min or optionally 180 l/min, load-sensing hydraulic power, fast and powerful work cycles are the norm. The load sensing system ensures that the pressure and flow rate of the hydraulic pump are adapted to the conditions required by the consumer, thus avoiding power losses. Depending on the customer's requirements, an extended charging system with a blade pivot point of 3,765 mm and a blade pivot point of 4,200 mm is available as an option to the standard charging system with a blade pivot point of 3,765 mm. It goes without saying that an extremely robust hydraulic quick-change system is available for the toughest applications with a 61.5 mm wide adapter and a 50 mm thick locking bolt. The large number of attachments makes the wheel loader perfect for flexible application in the construction industry. For even more flexibility, there will also be a tele-wheel loader in this size class in the future.

In addition to its performance features, the Kramer 8155 also boasts a new cab and control concept. Ergonomically arranged control elements and a very good all-round view enable fatigue-free and efficient working. The 7-inch LCD display with integrated rear view camera provides the driver with all usage and consumption data at a glance. The associated jog dial control element, which is known from the automotive industry, enables intuitive operation of all functions.

The standard equipment is already extensive and includes in addition to the LCD display, automatic air conditioning and vane return, reversing fan, four work lights and a Bluetooth radio with USB 2.0 connection. The model also meets the requirements of the new EU tractor directive, which means that the tractor registration can be ordered as an option.

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