Lincolnshire Energy from Waste plant celebrates 10 years of service

On the 14th March 2024, the Lincolnshire Energy from Waste (EfW) facility in North Hykeham reached its 10th operational anniversary reducing the amount of the county’s waste going to landfill by around 93 percent, and converting it to 830,000 MWh of energy for the Lincoln area, enough to power 27,000 homes across the county.

Lincolnshire County Council is eleven years into its 25-year partnership with FCC Environment which operates the plant for residual waste collection, treatment and transfer in the county, during which time the North Hykeham site has performed above and beyond expectations in delivering significant environmental and cost-saving benefits.

Commenting on these achievements, Andy Gutherson: Executive Director of Place said: “We are eleven years into what is a great partnership with FCC Environment, and we look forward to our future as we process more waste and generate more energy for the benefit of the local community. The presence of the facility in the county has a number of positive implications: reducing non-recyclable waste being sent to landfill by around 93 percent and producing power to supply 27,000 homes. These environmentally-friendly and cost-saving results make a real difference for the people of Lincolnshire.”

Juergen Schaper, General Manager of the plant said: “We are extremely proud to have reached this very significant milestone. 10 years diverting waste from landfill and converting to energy is a real achievement for Lincolnshire. We are focused on continuing to exceed performance expectations in our successful partnership with the Council as we carry on creating valuable electricity, jobs and community support for the county.”

To celebrate this milestone and share in the plants’ success, students from St Andrew’s C.E Primary School, came along. The school is the current holder of the Waste Free Lunch Challenge. St Andrews first visited the site in 2019 and won the competition having generated only 400g of general waste from their lunchboxes and in 2023 they beat that generating just 230g!

LCC and FCC Environment work with the seven district councils across Lincolnshire, which make the initial collection of both recyclable and non-recyclable waste from the county’s homes and businesses, diverting only the non-recyclable waste from landfill to the EfW plant for processing. The site is equipped to treat up to 190,000 tonnes of residual waste each year, converting it into 13.1 MW of electricity. The EfW plant has now processed 1.780 million tonnes of waste, producing 830,000 MWh of energy for the National Grid to provide essential power for more than 27,000 homes throughout the county.

In addition to the energy produced, the waste treatment process has also produced around 215,000 tonnes of incinerator bottom ash. This material contains metal which can be extracted and aggregate which can be used in the construction of roads.

As well as the environmental benefits for Lincolnshire, the North Hykeham plant is expected to save the County Council approximately £30 million over the lifetime of the contract by drastically cutting the waste which would have otherwise gone to landfill from 180,000 tonnes per annum to only 12,000 tonnes per annum.

The Lincolnshire facility features a state-of-the-art flue gas cleaning and emission monitoring systems and incorporates modern, reliable and well-understood combustion and pollution abatement technology, exceeding the Environment Agency’s standards.

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