LiuGong Equipment Helps Diamond Mining in Kimberley

Kimberley in Cape Province, South Africa is well-known for its high purity diamonds. LiuGong, a global leader in the manufacture of full range of extreme duty construction equipment, has found way to help the mine owners to minimize production costs and to maximize profits. 

In a private diamond mine in Kimberley, all work except the screening of raw diamond ore is undertaken on by LiuGong equipment. From the start, a LiuGong bulldozer (B230) removes all plants and debris from the seam surface. Then a LiuGong excavator (933E) is responsible for digging the seam to 2 meters deep and separating large stones and gravel soil. The large stones will be sent to concentrators and those raw materials will be transported by LiuGong a wheel loader (856H) to the fine selection process and for cleaning. Finally, the 856H helps clean the waste soil to landfill site.

The opportunity came about in 2016 when the owner of the diamond mine heard of LiuGong and he requested a chance to visit its facilities. With the effort of LiuGong South Africa and its dealer of Burgers, the customer visited LiuGong’s manufacturing facilities, its global R&D Center and the JV of Guangxi Cummins. “We have been so impressed by LiuGong’s ambitions and investment in R&D for continuously improving its machines’ performance and their well-organized manufacturing plants as well as the professional support teams. And the visit to its JV of Guangxi Cummins has further convinced us that LiuGong would be a trustworthy company to have business with.” The mine owner recalled and he signed the contract after the visit.

“Our mine works 12 hours a day and the equipment was uninterrupted during this time. Even if most of the equipment has been over the warranty period, the attendance rate can still be as high as 95% or more, which has fully guaranteed our capacity." Benny, mine manger, stated.
As of August, 2017, this diamond mine has a total of 9 LiuGong machines; consisting of 4 856H, 3 933E, 1 B230 and 1 835H. "Since the diamond formations here are extremely hard, it requires equally strong equipment. We have been so far so satisfied with LiuGong machines. They are easy to operate, comfortable and powerful. What is particularly worth mentioning is that the fuel consumption for LiuGong's 933E is only 16L per hour, which has greatly helped us to control the production costs." Benny said cheerfully. "Our business is expanding rapidly, and we expect more LiuGong equipment to enlarge our fleet in the future."

And LiuGong not only provides tough equipment that has the capability to complete the tough tasks in harsh and extreme working environments, but also provides convenient and professional services to the customers. “We never worry about the machines’ conditions since Burgers has been providing regular maintenance to our equipment. And LiuGong, comes to visit us as well, bringing parts and all-round examinations for our machines to ensure the best performance for them to be continuously working in the mine. We are glad that we have chosen LiuGong.”

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