Looking towards a digital future in processing

RM started its international success story 30 years ago. Large corporations, family-owned businesses as well as one-man companies now rely on the high product quality and advanced technology of RM crushers and screens. Many have been customers from the very beginning and have grown with the RM Group to set trends together with the RM Team. That is because setting trends instead of following existing ones has been the RM Group philosophy since 1991. That is why holistic solutions are continuously being developed for construction sites in inner cities as well as in remote areas.

As a result, terms such as digitalisation, connectivity and zero emissions are currently dominating the everyday life of RM developers. On the construction site of the future, everything needs to be connected - from the individual machines that interact with the operator and with each other to the central power supply. RM XSMART - the new fleet management and condition monitoring system - is the next step towards a digital future.

"When I founded RM 30 years ago, I never imagined that one day the RM Team would file a patent to do with artificial intelligence and digitalisation," says RM founder and CEO Gerald Hanisch. This reflects the openness of the RM Group and is the basis for the success of RM crushers and screens all over the world. He puts buzzwords like construction site 4.0, zero emissions, connectivity and the like into perspective: "Yes, these terms describe current trends. But for us it's important to keep a 360° view. We take a look at everything directly on-site together with the customer to find potentials for how we can drive the construction site of the future."

Next step: RM XSMART
RM XSMART is the abbreviation for NeXt Level Site Management by Advanced Remote Technology. As RM's digital technology platform developed in-house, it combines satellite-based location tracking and advanced telemetry with cloud-based software packages and mobile apps for the best possible connectivity. RM XSMART sees the RM Group combine fleet management and condition monitoring in one tool as the next stage in development of RM GO! SMART.

While operators can still display all data and troubleshooting routines directly on their smartphones at any time, in the future the data will not only be available in the machine's WiFi network, but anytime and anywhere. This makes the daily work of workshop managers, rental fleet managers, dispatchers and owners much easier. "We don't want our customers to waste time doing paperwork for their machines. Our aim is to offer the best service and that includes making the maximum profit," explains Hanisch.

This is achieved by centralising and automating the flow of information RM XSMART offers detailed records relating to operating data as well as operating times. With just a few clicks, the data can be broken down to the exact day and time. Because the operating hours are recorded automatically, it is no longer necessary to log hours at regular intervals manually. These records replace handwritten logbooks for each machine and are available at any time as a PDF download for presentation to the authorities.

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