Make the link to an essential, responsible and sustainable industry

The link between mineral products and the countless benefits they bring to the UK economy and everyday life is highlighted in a new campaign package from the MPA.

Make The Link To Mineral Products’ is a short film and accompanying brochure designed to raise awareness, understanding and appreciation of the fact that virtually everything we use in daily life is made with minerals that are quarried or mined.

The places we live, learn, work and play, how we travel, and the way we receive goods and services, all depend on mineral products – providing safety, shelter, comfort and convenience. Each year 400 million tonnes of mineral products are made and delivered around the country -  over 1 million tonnes per day – the biggest flow of goods in the economy.

Emphasizing the essential nature of the industry, its scale and its contribution to the economy, ‘Make The Link’ also demonstrates the industry’s responsible and sustainable approach to supplying essential materials, from recycling waste materials and driving down carbon emissions to creating of new habitats for wildlife and being a good neighbour in over 2,000 communities where the industry operates nationwide.

Nigel Jackson, MPA Chief Executive said: “The mineral products industry continues to be unrecognised by most people, all of whom use our products every day, many of them without even knowing it. We are therefore delighted to launch a new ‘Make The Link’ package to draw attention to our essential, responsible and sustainable UK industry. We have a wonderful story to tell, and each of 80,000 people who work in this industry has a role in telling it. I encourage MPA members and all others associated with the industry, to spread the message far and wide.”

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