Make the safe choice with Yanmar

Barrus will be focusing on the upcoming EU Stage 5 engine emission regulations at Hillhead, and, as the UK distributor for engine manufacturer Yanmar, they will be reassuring customers that Yanmar remains ahead in the emission game.

The new emission standards for non-road diesel engines come into force in 2019 and 2020 and will apply to machines used in construction, industrial and agricultural applications. The objective of the standards is to progressively reduce particulate and NOx emissions and to phase out equipment with the most polluting engines.

Yanmar customers with TNV-CR water-cooled series industrial engines are already prepared for the introduction of EU Stage 5 regulations in 2019. “The Yanmar engine range is the result of decades of experience, providing the perfect combination of clean emissions, excellent durability and low cost of ownership,” commented John Day, General Manager of the Industrial Division at Barrus. “Yanmar Stage 5 engines have a compact profile and the same footprint as Stage 3A engines allowing for a smooth, trouble-free transition.”

Yanmar engines are available as a powerpack, radiator and air cleaner mounted, including wiring harness and CAN panel. The clog-free Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), even under light load conditions, can be mounted in multiple positions for greater flexibility where space is limited. “Another key benefit is Yanmar’s unique exhaust gas management technology for the DPF, which has a life cycle of between 6,000 – 10,000 hours and beyond depending on the application,” John Day added. “This effectively means that the DPF is maintenance free for the lifetime of the machine.”

Customers currently using Yanmar Tier 4, Stage 5 engines include TrommALL, who manufacture and distribute mobile screening equipment. They have recently gone 100-percent with Yanmar across their range of machines. “Using Yanmar has opened so many doors for us,” commented Ger Smullen,

Business Development Manager for TrommALL, “Everyone knows Yanmar, the service is known worldwide.”

Barrus worked with TrommALL on the engine specifications, and all the TrommALL 5000 Series machines now use the Yanmar 4TNV98C (45kW/60hp) engine with the smaller MS2500 range powered by the Yanmar L100N 7.4kW/10hp.

For further information on this and other applications, visit the Barrus stand G15. The TrommALL 5800TR and 2500GTR will be exhibited on the Molson Group stand J3.

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