Managing Mobile Plant Operations

Working with or around mobile plant equipment is a high-risk activity that poses a number of threats if incorrect or unsafe use is exercised; there is a need for effective management to ensure safety standards are set and maintained.

As the number of serious injuries reported to the HSE involving mobile plant equipment continues to increase, we must question whether it boils down to incorrect use, poor training, operator complacency or inadequate supervision of the operators on site; all of which can be corrected with effective leadership and management onsite.  

As a manager on site, it is important to remember that managers and supervisors don’t have to be a qualified and regular operator of equipment, but they must be equipped to proactively encourage best practice and recognise where complacency may have started to creep in. But how can you better prepare yourself to manage mobile plant?

After liaising with customers predominately in the extractives, building products and waste sectors, Certora Training’s technical and operational experts at Certora have worked closely with customers who were keen to take their operational training to the next level. The result was to create an interactive and engaging course that can be delivered to managers and supervisors of those busy sites utilizing multiple items of mobile plant equipment.

Through these consultation and trials with customers, Certora believe that upon completion of their course, supervisors and managers will be better prepared to manage mobile equipment, with emphasis on the following key areas: The law directly associated to the use of mobile plant and workplace equipment, knowledge of your role as a manager/supervisor, visibility and movement of equipment onsite, operator best practice and the ability to recognise unsafe operations and understanding suitable and adequate training of operators.

If you would like to understand how Certora’s Managing Mobile Plant course could directly benefit your managers and supervisors get in touch on 01246 386900 and speak to the team today.

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