Materials handling experts commence latest MBT project

Saxlund, one of the UK's leaders in providing innovative solutions for bulk materials handling and biomass combustion, is currently working on a Gasifier project for New Earth Solutions. The project is designed to convert waste-derived biomass-rich fuel, consisting of materials otherwise destined for landfill, into hot gases to drive electricity-generating turbines.

The project will see the construction of a Gasifier at a mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) facility at Avonmouth, with Saxlund providing the materials handling and feed components including their Push Floor machines, specifically designed to function with non free-flowing and difficult to handle bulk solid materials.

Saxlund will control the total project operation of the materials handling component, including the design, drawing, project management, spare parts and administration with supervision from its own site supervisor and engineers, in addition to a prompt back-up service.

Saxlund is an acknowledged leader in the international bulk solids handling and storage industry and has an enviable track record in the handling of solid recovered fuel/specified recovered fuel (SRF) and refuse-derived fuel (RDF) both in the UK and worldwide, enabling the team to provide expert advice to New Earth Solutions for this project.

In addition to Avonmouth, Saxlund is also currently involved in the landmark biomass fuel handling project at Tullis Russell Papermakers in Scotland.

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