McHale Plant Sales: New UK distributor for Metso Outotec’s Lokotrack & NordWheeler Mobile Crushers.

The arrival into the UK market of Irish-based construction equipment distributor McHale Plant Sales - following their appointment to represent Metso Outotec crushers in England, Scotland and Wales - is one that should augur well for owners and operators if experience in Ireland and Northern Ireland markets holds true. To get a sense of what their appointment will mean, HUB4 spoke to their Sales Director, Denis McGrath to discuss what customers and owners might expect now that McHale has opened their first UK deport on the Lichfield Road Industrial Estate in the Staffordshire town of Tamworth.

An employee of the company since he began working there as an apprentice mechanic, McGrath has a firm view of what customers can expect once their Tamworth operation hits top gear.

“In all aspects of our operations in the UK, we will implement an approach to customer service that is proven in Ireland and Northern Ireland where sales, service and parts operate in lockstep” McGrath said.

“From all we have learned in more than half a century supplying customers in the construction, quarrying, aggregates and civil works sectors, we know the requirements that owners and operators have, and the challenges and pressures under which they operate” .

“As equipment suppliers, wholly focused and dedicated to meeting the requirements of our customers, we will reach-out to machinery owners and operators whose priorities in terms of technical back-up and after-sales support we fully understand”

“If we have an MO, it is that sales, service and spare parts should speak as one voice, all being interlocked and none being more important than the other” he added.

Equipment that will form the core of the Metso Outotec and McHale Plant Sales offering at Tamworth includes the complete Lokotrack and Nordwheeler mobile crusher ranges, and screens. supported by a comprehensive spare parts operation tagged to an in-house and mobile technical back-up service. 

HUB4 understands that priority is being given to spare parts stocking, the ‘kitting-out’ of maintenance facilities and technical support services, and to the task of contacting and getting to know customers ‘as quickly and as best we can’. In parallel, it has been confirmed that work is already underway towards securing a depot outlet in Scotland which will be modelled on operations at Tamworth and on other McHale outlets in Ireland, with an expected ‘next year’ opening date.

Founded during the 1950s, McHale Plant Sales has grown to become a leading equipment distributor in Ireland working from an east-coast base near Dublin and headquarters in the mid-west near Limerick. In operational terms, an extensive and diverse equipment portfolio has led the company to build a significant presence in construction, civil works, forestry, agriculture and environmental sectors. 

In terms of style, McHale Plant Sales people (many, like McGrath, with long-service in the company) are said to be ‘down-to-earth’ in all respects, people who, one trusted insider noted “have grown up close to the world in which they operate.”

“Far removed from Gucci shoes and fancy notions, McHale people are wholly aware of what is expected of them. Not afraid to knuckle down and get their hands dirty, UK customers will be serviced by a supplier who speaks their language and understands their needs” he added.   

In that and all matters, HUB4 will be on-hand to report their progress as developments unfold.





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