McKinstry Skip Hire invest in their 3rd EDGE Slayer XL Shredder

Originally established in 1971 as a waste disposal company, McKinstry Skip Hire have evolved from a small family business to one of Northern Ireland’s most recognisable and innovative waste management operations. The company still retains its family ethos with operations now being managed by Albert’s sons Darren and Mark McKinstry. Under their management the business has expanded and diversified into new areas with satellite depots set up in Belfast, Newry and Mullusk. The company’s headquarters and main processing site located in Nutts Corner processes over 260,000 tonnes of waste material annually. 90% of that waste is now recovered and reused. The company continually investigate alternative outlets for their customer’s waste products which has helped McKinstrys to further their diversion rates from landfill. This has resulted in recovered material leaving their Nutts Corner waste management facility for destinations throughout the globe. The company handle a variety of waste streams and recover various commodities such as cardboard, plastics and aggregate waste which makes its way back into the construction industry.

Keeping abreast of the latest technology and a commitment to consistent investment in new equipment has helped McKinstry Skip Hire become one of Ireland’s leading recycling companies. With that as a driver in the business McKinstry operates a modern fleet of specialised vehicles including walking trailers, skip lorries, loaders, self-propelled waste separators and shredders. They have recently taken delivery of a new EDGE Slayer XL slow speed shredder. In fact, this is their third EDGE shredder purchase in the last 9 years. McKinstry Skip Hire have continually entrusted EDGE manufactured slow speed shredders to get the job done.

Speaking at the recent EDGE installation, Operations manager at McKinstry Skip Hire Nutts Corner site Aaron Rainey refers to the EDGE Slayer XL as their “Old Faithful” saying there is no better piece of equipment like the Slayer XL to process waste. Aaron added: “We use the Slayer XL as a pre-shredder for all general waste before it is fed to the lines for manual picking. This is our third Slayer shredder, and in my opinion, there is not a better machine on the market for processing general waste. We try to upgrade this shredder every three years as it is a key piece of equipment at McKinstry Skip Hire and is in use all day every day,” he added.

The new EDGE Slayer XL like the previous 2 EDGE shredders; has been put to work on the front of McKinstry’s general waste line where it will process the majority of the 260,000 tonnes of waste that passes through McKinstry Skip Hire material recovery facility annually. Used as a primary shredder; the Slayer XL resizes the waste material to a consistent piece size of around 400mm before it passes onto a manual pick team that recovers different grades of bottles HD and PET, various metals both ferrous and non-ferrous, along with different papers, fibres and films. Aaron states that the presentation of a consistent piece size of 400mm is vital and ensures that their pickers can extract the maximum volume of commodities to the highest standard possible.

The latest EDGE Slayer XL that McKinstry’s is operating is a twin shaft, slow speed shredder powered by a Cat C9.3B Stage IV Acert 420hp engine. EDGE have introduced an all new factory parameter program that allows the Slayer XL to work harder for longer, allowing operators to tackle the toughest of materials. The new parameter program is controlled via the latest EDGE Operating System (EOS), designed for improved user-friendly controls and takes full advantage of the larger, high resolution HMI control screen provided with the latest Slayer model revision. The revised Slayer XL has been redesigned to make it simpler and quicker to carry out the operator’s daily service checks with the introduction of the new one-point service area. McKinstry Skip Hire has used a number of EDGE machines in the past and Aaron says that the ability to process the material to consistent uniform piece size as demonstrated by their previous units and additional anticipated throughput thanks to an increase in power, torque and shaft speed provided by the updated Slayer XL were the key purchase considerations when McKinstry made the decision to select yet another EDGE manufactured shredder.

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