MDS International develop the M412 Trommel.

MDS International believes in putting its customers at the forefront of its Design and Product Development process. Therefore, MDS Trommels are evolving all the time and are a key strength in our business that we take immense pride in. Our products are innovative and cutting edge; equipped with features to drive out maximum productivity and efficiency. 

We have a range of Trommels that can screen rocks and output products from as small as 50mm (2 inches) to as big as 1.25m (50 inches). The customers can select the output sizes as per their needs using our large variety of screens. Our Trommels are very versatile and have diverse applications.

They can be used to clean a wide array of materials which include armour and blasted rocks, demolition waste, sticky and hard limestone, overburden, demolition waste and wood waste.

Our bestselling M515 Mobile Trommel is famous and very successful because it comes packed with features that make it the perfect solution for screening all these materials in different sizes up to 32". We also have M615, M820 and M825 and Apron Feeders and details of these can be found on our website. Our Apron feeders are designed to be robust so that they can handle rocks up to 50".

We are always developing and are proud to announce that we are in the process of launching a new Model: The M412 Trommel. This Trommel has been developed after getting feedback from our customers. This is a lighter yet effective Trommel that is smaller than its big brother the M515. Customers will be able to transport it easily and cost effectively from site to site as it is designed to fit on standard trucks.

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