Mecalac expands 100% Electric Range with the launch of its new eS1000 Swing Loader.

To meet increasing demand for more environmentally-friendly construction projects, Mecalac has harnessed its spirit of innovation and developed a range of 100% electric machines. The brand launched its very first 11-ton electric excavator, the e12, in 2022. To complement its offering, today sees the release of its all-new 1000-litre electric swing loader. The eS1000 loader is the ultimate expression of Mecalac's commitment to sustainability, with innovation always at the heart of its DNA.

Mecalac eS1000 swing loader: environmental productivity

Based on the design of the Mecalac AS1000, the all-new eS1000 has been developed to achieve zero tailpipe emissions. For operators and the general public, comfort, noise and vibration have been minimised, making it possible to use the machine both indoors and in sensitive environments.

The swing loader architecture results in an economy of movement. This translates into reduced cycle times, noise and visual nuisance, maintenance costs and risks of accidents, as well as a lower impact on the environment.

While diesel versions of the swing loader limit fuel consumption through this economy of motion, the electric eS1000 loader version uses precisely the right amount of energy for the task in hand, while optimising energy use for an unprecedented 8-hour battery life.

In terms of stability, whatever is lifted by the bucket at the front, once the rear axle is locked, can be turned through 180° without any loss of steadiness, even with the wheels at full lock. Thanks to this incredible stability in all positions and on all terrains, the swing loader is able to drastically transform the logistics of construction sites, while reliably and securely overcoming any obstacle with ease.

Finally, urban construction sites and places with limited space and time to work are the natural environment for compact wheel loaders. Efficiency is determined by loading and unloading cycles and affected by time-consuming manoeuvres. The innovative Mecalac swing loader concept is born from the desire to reduce these non added-value manoeuvres by swinging the boom, instead of moving the machine.

Mecalac e-Series range, for a green worksite with no compromise

Mecalac is revolutionising urban worksites thanks to its pioneering range of 100% electric products. Three electric Mecalac machines on the same urban site will save an average of 64 tons of CO² per annum, compared to the same models fitted with diesel engines. In addition, Mecalac's zero-emission solutions limit noise pollution, offer the possibility to work indoors, and lower overall maintenance and operational costs (with fuel replaced with electricity).

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