Mecalac launches the REVOTRUCK: the safest and most ergonomic dumper on the market

Mecalac is proud to present the Revotruck, a unique site dumper that combines a rotating cab with exceptional off-road capabilities...

Already the winner of five awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards "Best of the Best" (one of the world's most renowned design competitions and the highest accolade in the competition), the Revotruck builds on the success of Mecalac's acclaimed site dumper range to offer the safest, most ergonomic dumper on the market.

Mecalac has reinvented the concept to create a machine that is 100% safe, intuitive and functional. 

Although dumpers are undeniably an effective means of transporting large quantities of material, they also account for almost a third of all transport-related accidents on construction sites. The frequency of incidents is particularly high on machines weighing more than six tonnes, where the accident rate is even more worrying because the quantity of material being transported in the skip obscures visibility as it moves. To minimise this risk, Mecalac's research and development team carried out an in-depth analysis of worksites, identifying visibility, stability and manoeuvrability as major issues. These observations were the driving force behind the creation of the Revotruck, an innovative concept developed from scratch to proactively address these challenges.

It is the first site dumper to feature a fully rotating cab, including the cockpit. Offering 360-degree visibility, the Revotruck revolutionises the way you work with a dumper, raising operator safety and comfort to a new level.

The five main features that make this dumper a revolutionary machine:

  • Visibility: 360° view. The rotating cab offers optimum visibility in all directions, allowing operators to concentrate on their work and their environment, while maintaining a comfortable position.
  • Accessibility: the revolution from all sides. The cab has four large access points at each corner, ensuring safe, effortless access whatever the orientation of the cab.
  • Mobility: a unique structure. The rigid chassis, which is far safer than an articulated chassis as the support points remain constant, is complemented by four equal sized wheels. It has a switchable steering mode (2-wheel steering, 4-wheel steering and crab steering), which enables the dumper to work within confined spaces and within a turning radius almost half that of conventional articulated dumper trucks.
  • Ergonomics: rotation at the touch of a button. With drivers put at the heart of the Revotruck's design, we have made it possible to rotate the cab at the touch of a button. As a result, drivers maintain correct posture at all times and prevent back problems by avoiding working positions where the back and neck are twisted.
  • Stability: the power of agility. Featuring a rigid 4-wheel steering chassis inspired by hill tractors, the Revotruck offers exceptional stability. The central link between the two parts of the chassis offers up to 20° of oscillation.  The two oscillating parts of the chassis follow the contours of the ground independently, ensuring stability and permanent traction on all types of terrain.

Two sizes are available: the 6-tonne Revotruck and the 9-tonne Revotruck.

"We are proud to have created this revolutionary dumper, which embodies our expertise and the Group's innovation," explains Alexandre MARCHETTA, Chairman of the Mecalac Group.

"In addition to its advanced technology, it provides concrete solutions to the challenges encountered in the field, illustrating our ability to understand our users and convert their needs and challenges into tangible solutions."


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