Meet Nigel Goodall

Nigel has crossed quite a few continents in his sales career and seems to have spent a lifetime in the field.

From a country Manager based on Oil and Gas fields in the Deserts of the Middle East, supplying everything from life support to capital equipment and personal, Nigel has joined MachTech as Sales Manager for MachTechs’ Mobile Lindner solutions , based at Mach-Tech Services HQ in Oldham.

Nigel joined us in November 2019 and has not wasted any time at all in covering miles across the UK visiting potential client’s sites.
when asked how he was adjusting to his new role his answer was surprising.

“Apart from the obvious differences, it’s not much different really, I sell what I believe is needed on to sites, exactly what I did in the Middle East”.

Nigel continued, “With the Lindner Urraco its easy, as it is the most versatile mobile kit on the market today, and I myself am constantly impressed with the Urracos capabilities”.

Nigel is a self-confessed ‘hands on’ Sales Manager and as a rule he prefers to travel as many miles across the country to sit down with a client face to face.

Nigel said “I don’t believe that you can get the complete picture of what is really needed on a site through emails or telephone conversations. but I do believe that people prefer to speak directly with a person face to face”, Nigel chuckles “especially with a good cup of tea and a few biscuits”.

With the Urraco, Nigel will make sure that the equipment is brought to the customer at their own site in order to shred their particular required materials.

Nigel said "People prefer live Demonstrations for obvious reasons and it’s fantastic to be able to shred on the clients own site. As I said before the Urraco is extremely versatile and Mach-Techs National Product Manager Dean Sharp is always working with Lindner making modifications to the Urraco to enable perfect solutions for every customers specification.

I haven’t seen the Urraco fail to produce the needed fraction size of any material its fed yet”.

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