Minerals Matter signs up to EngineeringUK Membership

Minerals Matter, the cross-sector approach to future skills and succession planning for the mineral products industry, has signed a membership agreement with EngineeringUK. The collaboration will help showcase to young people the wealth of engineering opportunities that are available within the mineral products sector.

Engineering plays a crucial role in the minerals products industry, pivotal to so many aspects of mineral extraction, processing, and utilisation of minerals and ores. Engineers are involved in developing innovative technologies, improving existing processes, and finding sustainable solutions for the industry.

Emily Noble, Future Skills Manager, Minerals Matter, explains: “Engineering is woven into the DNA of the mineral products industry. There are so many roles where skilled engineers are needed for our future workforce and every operator needs them to help drive invention and efficiency. Plus, there are no gender barriers to being an engineer. By becoming an EngineeringUK member, we can more easily take our Minerals Matter story to the next generation of engineers and help them to understand how much they are needed and the differences they can make.”

Moira Shaftoe, Head of Professional Institutions and Partnerships at EngineeringUK, commented: “Our vision is for the UK to have the workforce needed for engineering and technology to thrive, to improve sustainability and to achieve net zero. To really thrive, we need a stronger, more representative workforce and for that we must do things differently to make engineering more attractive.

“We need to grow the collective impact of all engineering and technology inspiration and careers activities with young people and we are leading that effort. Our Corporate Members play a fundamental role in inspiring the next generation and helping to deliver impactful engineering focused STEM engagement activities and opportunities at a national and strategic level.

“We are delighted to welcome Minerals Matter as a Corporate Member. We look forward to working more closely with them to profile the mineral products industry to young people and to enable more young people from all backgrounds to be informed, inspired and progress into engineering and technology.”

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