Modular crushing and screening units from Swedish Maskin Mekano

The ambition of the modular concept from Maskin Mekano is to combine the best from stationary plants with the versatility of mobile plants. In production, these machine units on their high jacking legs resemble stationary plants whilst being very easy to move between different workplaces. With modules for feeding, crushing, and screening by Maskin Mekano, it is easy to create an optimized production line with high capacity that is also sustainable, safe, and versatile.

 Benefits of the Maskin Mekano range of modular machines:

  • Electric drive
  • Interlocking control systems and emergency stop loops
  • User-friendly and operator safe design
  • Easy and secure loading and set-up

All machines in the modular program are equipped with sturdy and extensive walkways with proper railings and gates and folding stairs with railings.

Designed for easy loading

The plants in the modular range are designed to be transported on a jumbo trailer or a machine trailer. They can be loaded completely without lifting help; the trailer is reversed under the machine between the jacking legs. Then the machine is lowered onto the trailer platform, the legs are lifted (hydraulically) and then the legs fold to 3.0 m width. The transport therefore does not require an accompanying car. No parts of the plants require dismantling, everything is onboard and folded hydraulically.

The hydraulic unit has a battery pack and 24-V system which means that loading and unloading can be conducted without power from the mains or a generator.

The feeder VML 15

 A well-designed feeder is essential for a smooth production flow, cuts costs for diesel and manpower and reduces the carbon footprint. The feeding unit VML 15 is equipped with a vibrating feeder, the hopper has a volume of 15 m3, it is entirely made of Hardox and has wide loading area of 4 metres. It features a self-cleansing hydraulically folded reject grid and a foldable onboard stockpiling conveyor as well as wheels for towing on site.

The crusher CH440-PS

The CH440-PS cone crusher is a conveyor in/conveyor out plant with a pre-screen and equipped with an on-board return conveyor that makes it compatible with Maskin Mekano's final screen SH 1503 for closed circuit. With this launch, Maskin Mekano is seriously back as a supplier of well-built crushing plants. It is equipped with Sandvik's CH440 cone crusher.

The crusher VSIH T7

Demand for highly processed crushed products (like cubical aggregates, road base or prime manufactured sand) with high and consistent quality is growing steadily. That is why Maskin Mekano has launched an VSI (Vertical Impact Shaft) modular crushing plant -the VSIH T7. The VSIH T7 is a conveyor in/conveyor out machine but also has an on-board closed-circuit conveyor. It features the reliable and proven VSI crusher by South African Techroq.

The final screen SH 1503

The SH 1503 is designed to match the largest mobile crushers and huge material flows. The Maskin Mekano screens work with an aggressive stroke and are known for producing clean products with high capacity even on fine and short fractions. Thanks to the Vibro Block concept all the power is kept inside the screen box. It is equipped with four stockpiling conveyors. It is also fitted with wheels and a hook for easy towing on site.

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