More pulling power with Lightweight Enerpac Cylinders

With increasing demand for lightweight, more portable tools, Enerpac has developed the RACH and RARH - Series aluminium hollow plunger cylinders. Up to 150-ton capacity cylinders provide engineers with a lighter, more portable tool for applications such as tensioning, pulling and pull testing.

Enerpac RACH-Series Single Acting Aluminium Hollow Plunger Cylinders (sometimes called centre-hole cylinders) have a threaded collar inside the plunger, allowing attachments or threaded rods to be connected to the hydraulic cylinder. They provide a lighter alternative to other tensioning and pulling systems. The RACH-Series includes cylinder capacities ranging from 20 to 150 T, and 50 to 250mm stroke. All RACH-Series cylinders are rated for up to 10,000 psi (700 bar).

RACH-Series cylinders are single-acting and use a high-strength return spring for rapid retraction. All are equipped with bolt-on hardened steel saddles and a steel base plate for increased durability. Combined with a lightweight Enerpac hand pump, engineers now have a highly portable tension and pulling tool set for remote working.

For an even quicker and more controlled retraction, the RARH double acting models are available. Featuring the same advantages of the RACH, they are more lightweight due to their lower collapsed height.

“The Enerpac RACH-Series offers outstanding durability; their design enables longer service life and increased push/pull capability,” says Senthil Vijayakumar, Cylinder Product Manager at Enerpac. “Hollow shafts offer great versatility in pulling and tensioning applications, which combined with the lighter weight of aluminium provides the perfect tool with a longer service life and reduced maintenance. All of which means that users can confidently take on the most demanding tensioning and pulling applications with the RACH and RARH – Series cylinders.”

Typical applications for the RACH and RARH - Series include rod and cable pulling and tensioning, rock-bolt testing, as well as shaft removal. All the cylinders are compatible with a broad range of pumps, from the economic hand pumps to the most sophisticated, split flow pumps and the Enerpac EVO-Series synchronised lifting systems.

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